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  • Dear Weather

    Weather Letter

    Hello, that is the only pleasantry I’ll be dishing out. Why, you ask. Why not, is my response. I am just concerned about you. I called for an intervention but people had better things to do than wait for a version of you to appear. I have noticed that you have a multi-weather disorder and […]

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  • Letter to 12 Year old me

    Letter to 12 Year old me

    Hi, how are you doing? We are doing well on this side of time travel. I am writing to just check on you and give you a heads up on a few things. Hair Please stop praying about the headmaster having a change of heart so that you can start growing your hair. That will […]

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  • Perks of living in the (almost) ghettos

    An illustration of the heap of stones we call a roadAn illustration of the heap of stones we call a road

    Everything is cheaper There is a shop at literally every corner. This means that there is a lot of competition . So the one with the fairest prices wins. We don’t care  much about quality here. Our process of elimination is does this soap do all the soapy things soaps are supposed to do? If […]

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  • You asked, I answered.


    I am very impressed with the people on my Facebook profile but disappointed with the people on my Facebook page. What this tells you is that my friends want to know more about me/ embarrass me and people who are not my friends do not care about participating in something this big. Yes, me answering […]

  • Taking Stock
  • Taking Stock: May

    Life upon life upon life

    I feel like my blog has become a Taking Stock gathering area. There are more taking stock posts here than anything else. My friend Ruth and my Dad are sleeping on their jobs of quarreling me when I forget to write. This is how much self-drive I have, very little. Making: a lot of notes […]