2015 recap and lessons

Hello 2016
Hello 2016

2015 was the year a lot of things happened to me. A lot of things also happened to Kenya and the world but I do not intend to write about that. I graduated from university, I won an award, I got to work from home for a while, I wrote on one of the biggest blogs in Kenya, I found my calling, I wasn’t afraid to push new boundaries. It was a pretty good year tyres.  I am sorry, I had to.


My twist-outs won’t let me prosper!! I will diligently wash, moisturize, twist and let them dry but no, they will not participate in my goals for looking good. I hate this.

Castor oil and coconut oil will make your hair feel like how I think North West’s hair feels like. It looks like it feels soft and bouncy. This is me telling you to go buy castor and coconut oil. Thank me later.

Split ends are not your friend. There is no use of having long unhealthy hair. I recommend cutting your ends every three months because then less than an inch will be cut off. If you wait any longer, the salonist or whoever is cutting your hair will cut of six and a half inches. No kidding


I no longer have the patience for movies. I can watch animations though and Rom-coms.

There is a lot of nudity on Television nowadays and the older I get the more prudish I get. I think that is why I am into animations lately.


We need to Tembea Kenya and take photos and just take in the beauty that is Kenya’s wildlife and landscapes.

I need to see and elephant. I have never seen one. I lied about seeing one once but I was a child and childishness and the need to fit in were the ish at that time.

Cars still give me the jitters but I need me an awesome car. An awesome car comes after driving lessons which I have never signed up for. I need to sign up for driving class.


Potatoes usefulness comes out clearly in fries/chips. I think chips are the sweetest version of potatoes that you will ever find. Secondly comes, mashed potatoes. I can survive on that and soda.

The point above clearly makes me fat and that is why I need a bicycle. We should all try cycling every other day or something. It is good for you I suppose. I wouldn’t know but people who cycle look like they’ve got their lives together.

I really hate interviews. There is no one on earth who likes interviews. Even the people who interview you would rather be on their desks doing their day-to-day jobs than in that interview room with you.

Reading and traveling are the best things you can do to yourself. Reading gives you a chance to peak into other cultures. It also helps you construct full English sentences and you leave behind the ‘I met Tom jana at Sarit and we went and kulad…” That is the kind of language you should leave in 2015. We came into 2016 smarter and you will not be the one to drag us behind.

The voice auditions help me with my work. When I watch them, their passion just transfers to me and I become a more constructive human person.

I cannot escape programming. My goal after school was to leave all I learnt at the graduation square. Guess what, blogging needs a little knowledge in coding. It is easy programming but I wasn’t planning on any programming after June 27th 2015. I am not complaining, can you see how good the blogs looks now??

Night blindness is real. I have had night blindness for almost 2 years now but I still won’t take carrots. Do take carrots, raw or cooked, they are good for you. I walk like a drunk person at night, raising my feet higher than they need to be because I can’t see shit at night.

Make friends of value. I can tell you for a fact that I do not have drinking buddies. This is something I chose to do during university. As a result I do not have a lot of friends but all the friends I have are really valuable to me. They are people I can talk to about my blog, goals, aspirations in life, milestones etc.  People you can have a meaningful conversation with and people who can help each other out. What I wish they would leave behind is ‘When are you going to get a boyfriend’ question.

Be happy. Take time and just take in the positives. Bad things will happen to you but don’t dwell on that. Learn from them and discard the useless bits.

HAPPY 2016!!

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  1. No, we are not leaving that question behind!

    1. Hahaha a good boyfriend needs to be let to simmer before he is searched for

  2. I agree, night blindness is real 🙂

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