23 things I have learnt in 23 years

Advice for 20 somethings
Advice for 20 somethings

I have walked this earth for 23 years and that is a really long time. I have learnt some things on the way, some that may help you and some that may not. Want to take your chances? Start reading.

  1. French is a language and a very difficult one at that but if you get a good teacher you might probably learn 7 words or so.
  2. You cannot befriend all cats that come to your house. Some do not even want to be friends. They want you to be a servant to them whereby you give them food and they refuse to be petted.
  3. If you do what other people have planned for you all the time, you will end up living their lives. Make a plan for your life and follow up on it.
  4. We tend to be very reckless on social media as Kenyans. Verify the source and the story before you start fighting with a country that has nothing to do with anything.
  5. Boarding school is not a good place for a 9 year old. Especially when said boarding school is in Ukambani and said child is a blabbermouth. If you are not taking any hints, I am talking about me.
  6. You are never too young to start something of value.
  7. How to get away with murder can kill you and get away with it. The amount of suspense on each episode is too much.
  8. Family is a very important aspect of your life. They will be there for you when you need them. They might make fun of you first, but they will be there.
  9. Take time to choose friends. It is better to have 1 trustworthy friend than 20 fake friends.
  10. Say yes more to worthwhile ventures. They might surprise you.
  11. The matatu saccos have really helped me out seeing that fare previously was dictated by the driver’s moods and the weather.
  12. Ronald Ngala is not a safe street.
  13. Hair that can’t be put in a pony tail is not worth it but you can still force it into a pony tail.
  14. Travel the world/I should travel the world
  15. You cannot trust a man that uses ‘smh’ and ‘lol’ in his speech.
  16. Babies are nice, especially when they bitch-slap you across the face, bite you, spray saliva all over your face and go ahead to laugh at you. They also tend to forget that I was introduced as auntie.
  17. Any person with a mkokoteni does not care about your well-being. They will pass through you and insult you while at it. This mostly happens at Ronald Ngala.
  18. The museum should bring in more stuff. The same pieces I saw when I was 12 are the same ones I saw 10 years later.
  19. Candy crush is a stupid game but I am at level 774 and this is not the time to back down.
  20. Having a second chin is nothing to laugh about and neither is fainting in the gym. Difference is, you can live with a second chin.
  21. Read a book. They tend to open up your mind to creative ideas and also improve your English.
  22. My phone’s internet sharing option will fail me at least twice every day. I have learnt how to cope.
  23. My little brother is uber smart and he is my ticket to owning my own island someday. He will be paying for it.



9 Replies to “23 things I have learnt in 23 years”

  1. Lol can he buy this island for the both of us ..

  2. Great article Racheal. I will take the number 10, 14 and 21.

  3. Great article Rachel. I will take number 10, 14 and 21

  4. hehe, I love this post especially the baby part. lol

  5. The things you have learnt

  6. On How to Get Away with Murder, I totally agree. Shonda is a pro…

  7. hehe…No.s 7 & 17 though…soo truee…

  8. My hair can’t be put in a pony tail but it’s worth it..(I think)…I’d rather a man who uses smh than lol

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