A guide on thrift shopping successfully

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Toi Market , Nairobi (www.storyzetu.com)
Toi Market , Nairobi (www.storyzetu.com)

Shopping at Gikomba is the only thrift shopping that makes sense. Toi and Adams are just places you pass by with your friends to have an outdoorsy shopping experience. These are places you go to when you want slightly cheap clothes but without the hustle. Smart people said ‘No pain no gain’ and smart people usually know what they are talking about. That’s why I choose Gikomba most times. Adams has nice clothes but there are times when their prices and my bank setup are not compatible. I am not about going bankrupt.  Or the number of items I intend to carry home and those that I will carry do not add up. I am about a good bargain.

What to carry : Money, of course. A bag or paper bag. You will be shocked at how much you will buy a paper bag for when your brain and legs stop working. It’s not worth it. Not your phone. Leave your phone at home or carry that phone that has rubber bands holding the keypad in place. And water, water is very important lest you faint and people rob  help you up.

What to wear: Yeezy. The point here is to look homeless. Wear all fancy and the prices go up because you look like you can pay!! A t-shirt and jeans will work and maybe your worst pair of Bata ngomaz. Also make sure none of your friends will be in that general area that day.

Attitude of the day: Optimistic, hopelessly optimistic. Like seriously be Disney optimistic.

Make a mental picture of the outfits you want to buy. Don’t just say a sweater, a pair of pants, shoes and belt. Be descriptive. See yourself in the clothes. See someone else seeing you in the clothes. I want a white sweater with two black lines going across it. Blue skinny jeans. A black boyfriend jeans. A black belt about 1 inch thick. Something of the sort. You are the canvas. Make yourself shine.

Thrift shopping at Gikomba Market (www.vergemagazine.com)
Thrift shopping at Gikomba Market (www.vergemagazine.com)

How to shop: Glancing at clothes is not okay. It’s actually a thrift crime. Clothes won’t come to you. You are not in a boutique. Dig in. Dig until you get to the bottom of the pile then switch places and start over. Fight if you have to. Waving the white flag is for the weak and you are not weak. If you and another shopper lift the same item, give them the stare of death. Let them know who is boss. They’ll let you have it. If it doesn’t fit you then and only then can you toss it to them.

Also carefully assess the clothes you are buying. Be sure to fit them if you can. Tug at the seams and check if they are lose, if so, the item of clothing has been modified. Leave it! You will also quickly learn that some of the prettiest clothes have a lot of undesirable qualities like stains that won’t come off or maybe holes. Don’t worry you will get something possibly better someday.

Post thrift: Hurry and get back home. Take the much needed shower preferably a cold shower and pour yourself a cold glass of Fanta. This is when you know that Fanta goes well with a thirsty and tired human person. Thank me later.

Have a good time shopping. What do you think I left out?

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  1. LMAO!! you described it perfectly especially on the stares of death. Really good read

    1. You have to fight for good clothes!!!

  2. Dont dare go during the rainy season.If you must go, boots are a must..

    1. How did I forget that! Of course.

  3. Haha! Nice. Love the article. But who says “thrift shopping” in Kenya? #Mtush 🙂

    1. Thanks. People who are trying too hard to look cool maybe? hahaha

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