This is where I am supposed to reveal my soul to you people, so here goes:

Lover of all that is humorous and witty… and gossip.

I am a cat person but would prefer not to be a cat lady only because it is sad and is not socially acceptable otherwise I have no problem with it.

TV series addict, name a TV show and I promise I’ve watched an episode or read a review.

Talent advocate, I really like the idea of using ones talent to get gainful employment.

Music lover.

Owner of a resting bitch face. I’ve been called a snob more times than I care to care.

Reader of humour blogs and BuzzFeed.

Human in I.T by education, writer and artist by birth, story-teller by virtue of I have a mouth and can make words and ogler of works of art.

Social Media.

Facebook Page: Girl Sans Doubt

Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/rachael.wambua

Twitter: @Girlsansdoubts

Instagram: girlsansdoubts






2 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi, would love it if u could follow my blog also thanks… N Yea d educational system needs a reform, Expecially here in Nigeria…

    1. Yeah it really needs a reform. The next generation should not be taught like this

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