Becoming a better human by watching TV shows

Fictional characters are the best
I think this speaks for itself
I think this speaks for itself

Who do you look at when watching a TV show or a movie? I personally look at the women. Not for any other reason other than I am most likely to learn something from them. I would waste my time looking at the men but it would not help me much. I know that there is a mass of man eye candy on television and I appreciate that. I appreciate the fact that they sometimes forget to put on shirts and other times they just work out flawlessly. These are the distractions that I do not want in my life.

How does me looking at a shirtless Jesse Williams help me? He doesn’t know I exist. He probably thinks Africa is a country and that Kenya is the capital city of Nairobi. The most important thing is that the probability of him marrying me or finding out about me is 0. And I will not be able to look into his eyes without me going mad. This gives me too much stress.

See what I mean? (Image courtsey of
See what I mean? (Image courtsey of

So this is why I resulted to keeping my mind focused on the ladies because you can learn a lot from a fictional character. I get very invested and I am one of those people who sign online petitions to bring a character back.

The Good Wife is coming to an end. For those who do not know about this please get an internet connection and learn how to google. I’m sorry, I am mad. I invested seven years of my life for you to blatantly go ahead and just end one of the best TV shows ever? The only good thing is that some of the characters will be making a comeback albeit for an episode.

I think I need to start from the beginning. I started watching the GoodWife and I fell in love with Kalinda Sharma, played by Archie Panjabi. I liked how she dressed, how she didn’t take bullshit from anyone, how truthful she was….sometimes and just how she stood. I stood like her for like a whole semester. The only thing I lacked at that point was the body and sass needed so I looked like an animated hippo trying to look sexy.

I tried standing Like this and failed...for a whole semester and nobody told me anything. Choose your friends wisely.(
I tried standing like this and failed…for a whole semester and nobody told me anything. Choose your friends wisely.(

The thing is she is one of the characters that won’t be coming back. The excuse they gave was that she decided to leave in the show so there would be no use of bringing her back. I feel like writing a script with how she will be found, when, where, with whom etc. That to me is not an excuse. I need her for an episode so she can jump start my sass.

For the criminal mind lovers Paget Brewster will be coming in for an episode. She left the show and I was heartbroken. The fact that she will be making and appearance gives me so much joy. I smiled so hard I developed dimples. She brings a kind of level headedness that other characters do not and also a kind of vulnerability that you would want to see in any other character on the show except Penelope.

We now can just wait and see who comes when and how being in the show for an episode or two changes the course of the show.  I personally can’t wait for Prison Break. Hope it doesn’t suck. It was a really good show and for those who haven’t watched it yet shame on you kindly do so.

Who do you keenly look at in a show? Share your comments below.

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  1. Am one of those people who haven’t watched prison break. Why is it even coming back?

    1. Oh my God!!!! Because it is an awesome series, that’s why.

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