Blindspot VS Quantico

Blidspot Vs Quantico (
Blindspot Vs Quantico (

For a few weeks now I have seen people asking which of the two new TV drama shows is better and most of the times the answer has been Quantico. I decided to watch the two shows and also get my opinion out there. Bear in mind I have only watched six episodes of each so far


It follows trainees for the FBI and their lives in the academy and outside. They are working on solving a case against Alex who is one of the trainees. There is a lot of flashback the how to get away with murder sort of style.

The great

After a quick glance through TV show ‘guru’ accounts on twitter who said that Quantico is better, I found that they were all male. I have to admit that the show has eye candy for the men and for the women; we will take the three good looking guys they served us with. I wanted to diss the show based on that but remembered that I watch Criminal minds and Shemar Moore can make you walk to the US while chanting his name by just raising his eyebrow. The fictional FBI seems to have good looking people.

The twinception is pretty great. I think the other twinception/doppelganger scenes that blew my mind were Katherine and Elena’s in the vampire diaries. You could actually tell who is who based on their demeanor and this happens on Quantico too. Nimah and Raina played by Yasmin Al Massri can be differentiated in the field and when in a room together. When you see her happy, googly-eyed and smiling a bit too much, that is Raina. The one who looks like she’s got a cactus rubbing her back every time is Nimah. Raina is in the academy to help her sister out she does not want to be an FBI agent herself.

Raina and Nimah (
Raina and Nimah (

The not-so great

There was an unnecessary sex scene. That sex scene in episode 1 between Alex and Ryan seriously did not add any value to the show. She could have spilt coffee on him or just totally ignored him in the flight and the story line would have remained the same. They just wanted to fit into the mold that is the present Hollywood.

That guy shooting himself was quite overly dramatic. Ok, go ahead and shoot yourself but what has the examiner got to do with the girl in Malawi, nothing, that’s what. I also think that I have seen that ‘child kills father to save mother and ends up being an FBI agent’ storyline somewhere else; I will look for it and update you.

Sometimes the acting and storyline seem like something straight from an Oga movie. Why did Ryan have to say that Alex shot him while he knows she didn’t? He said that, that is how he would help her out. Just a thought, you could say she wasn’t the one, that would have helped her a lot, a lot I tell you.

Most of the things that happen in Quantico are not well thought out but I think that they got the memo on cliffhangers and suspense. That’s what keeps viewers coming back. I will mostly be watching it as a guilty pleasure plus it has very nice music.



Blind spot TV show (
Blindspot TV show (

It starts like one of those ‘doomsday is coming’ shows. A lady just unzips herself from a bag, every inch of her body is covered in tattoos and she does not know who she is or what has happened to her. Her name is Jane, short for Jane Doe played by Jaime Alexander who also plays lady Sif in Thor and Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The great

The fighting in the show is well choreographed and it is an actual pleasure to watch. People come out with real scars that take their time to heal as expected. They try not to give us too much in one episode because if they felt like, they would have now told us who tattooed her and she would have had 10 flashbacks by now which would have been a bit overwhelming.

I have found out that the show maintains it pace. It does not try to force people into watching by having some exaggerated plots.  The acting and execution of ideas comes off clearly. You will most of the time not have to question why they did A while B would actually be the better option. They show the office workspace as is; the people who have their own problems at home, those that feel insecure because of the new person, the one person that keeps everyone level-headed and so forth.

The not-so great

There are two scenes I had problems with, the ‘I will just hold this bomb in my hand and stare at it as it counts down’ and the ‘it took us one minute to take photos of the scene, send them to you, have you look at them and develop a timeline of how much time we got left before we all die’.

They also have a few coincidences in some of the episodes. In some of the episodes the cases are backed up by the database having an alert system that tells them if something related to the tattoos appears anywhere. Sometimes it is just sheer luck. They will decipher one tattoo and go find something illegal happening that corresponds to said tattoo. That is very coincidental although it doesn’t happen much.

I think the show will keep people watching as they want to know what the tattoos mean and why they were placed on her. They also want to see how the relationship between Jane and agent Kurt will grow.

I was asking myself how long these two shows would last and I got this article saying that they have enough tattoos for 10 seasons for Blindspot. Quantico has a good story line for now but for how long will we be investigating people in the academy. Blindspot has already been renewed for a second season while Quantico hasn’t yet but I think Quantico can do another one or two seasons max.

I declare Blindspot King!!!!!!



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  1. Thanks Rachel…Blindspot it is. I will watch it.

  2. i still stick to Quantico being the best

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