The Catch US: Is it worth your time?

The newest addition to the Shondaland family.
The newest addition to the Shondaland family.

Shonda Rhimes is one of those people who know how to captivate an audience. She has major hit shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away with Murder and they are all slotted for Thursday Nights. That’s why there is always a #TGIT on Thursdays. I teach you stuff sometimes, don’t I? So now there is a new show, not really new, eight episodes in, called The Catch US. I have only watched 7 episodes so I now feel like I can actually dissect the show to know if it is worth my time.

One thing I noticed is that the first 2 episodes did not have the Shondaland exit. She apparently was not involved in the show when it started but she came in as a producer. The Catch US is a drama series that follows the lives of Alice Vaughan played by Mireille Enos and the fiancé Christopher/Benjamin played by Peter Krause and the con artist ring he is involved in.

The most disadvantageous element that this show will face is the comparison to its older sisters. Grey’s anatomy has been running for 12 years. We have watched it even though the cast is killed off more times than I blink. It is like Game of Thrones but in hospital, away from the cold without dire wolves or dragons. How to get away with murder leaves us in suspense on every episode and the whole episode doesn’t give you time to blink lest you miss Annalise’s deception. Scandal has just gotten weird if Olivia is just becoming her father. That is a story line to watch because female villains are crazy.

The catch is like watching Quantico. You know you can leave, go take a shower come back and you will not have missed a lot. But every time you see its name, you crave watching it. Is that a recipe for a good show?Probably, wouldn’t know what is in these days. It did not start off strongly neither has it picked up to a degree that is acceptable to Shondaland’ s fans and that is why the ratings are dropping.

I also think it has an excess cast. There are people who are in every episode that honestly do not need to be there. I am talking about the FBI agent Dao, Danny and Sophie. Don’t fire them; they just don’t need to be in every episode. I am actually okay with Danny and Sophie because  they work in the company but why is Agent Dao in every episode?

The transitions from one scene to another are a bit plain. It is just like transitions I would make on Windows Movie Maker. No inspiration at all. I like the shutter sound on Scandal. We can do without the transitions.

The strong points are the cast choices. They had chosen Bethany Joy Lenz to act as a villain which I think I could not bear because she was such a sweet soul on One Tree Hill. The actress (Sonya Walgner) they replaced her with wears this role perfectly. The lead actress is just as we could expect, she is not intimidating as far as self-esteem issues are concerned.

It has an engrossing story but who can beat the con artists of Hustle. Their con artistry has to not mimic any other we have seen so far and the private investigation has to go up a notch. Bring in more interesting/complicated cases. I hope for season 2 a lot of things will change because this is a show that will either have a cult following or die a slow death if things don’t change up fast and soon. I hope that Shonda takes the reins and call in Peter Nowalk who I just realized helps a lot in the other shows but is conspicuously missing from this one.

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3 Replies to “The Catch US: Is it worth your time?”

  1. Ruth Ndegwa says: Reply

    I was going to start on it soon but I won’t bother.

    1. You can bother and then see if you feel the same way. It just isn’t strong like the other Shondaland shows.

  2. I will try watching it once I catch up with the rest of my shows

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