Life comes at you fast

I looked like this when telling it

Nobody’s perfect. Guess what, even Beyonce is not perfect. Rihanna is not perfect either. Idris Elba…not perfect. So this does not come as a surprise…I am not perfect. Not that I have ever claimed to be or look like it but life comes at you fast sometimes. I have had my fair share of awkward […]

Introversion is not shyness

Shy or Introverted

Getting out of doing things is a very fulfilling feeling. By just saying a few words, you can get out of hanging out with friends, going for that team building exercise or leaving the house altogether. I wish those words were, “I don’t want to.” But that is considered a dick move and no one […]

My OTP, just not yet

The wild that will change your life

It is always a refreshing thought thinking that your soulmate is out there living an average life without you. If they knew that the person they are cuddled up with right now is not who they are meant to be with, would that change anything? Would they fight harder or less to keep that relationship […]