Coca-Cola engages teens with the Billion Reasons To Believe campaign.

An image of teenagers having fun together. (courtesy of
An image of teenagers having fun together. (courtesy of
An image of teenagers having fun together. (courtesy of

Who is a teenager? Despite being within the age bracket of 13-19 years of age, this is a person who is likely very easily influenced and more often than not to do the bad rather than good. This is where a person feels like they’ve grown up and are wiser than the parents and society at large. This is a very sensitive stage of life and if not well looked into they can get lost very quickly. The Billion Reasons To Believe in Africa campaign aims to help teenagers believe in themselves, be optimistic and make them want to take risks in the right direction. It started in the year 2012 and is now in Kenya. It aims to make Africa a better continent and demystify the myths about Kenya and Africa as a whole.
The campaign can be followed on social media with the hash tag #IAmAReason where teenagers and other people can share their experiences and motivational quotes all day long.


You might know now, but you are the reason why some people will never give up their dreams #IAmAReason

Posted by Eddy Sticks on Sunday, June 14, 2015

Most young people normally do not have anything fruitful to do with their day and it mostly consists of making plans to go out and have fun. Having fun is something teenagers like to do a lot. They can literally die if they are not let out to go have fun: their words, not mine.
To bring out the essence of happiness, fun and excellence in different spheres of life there are adverts about the campaign online. You know the one when you are listening to a Sauti Sol mix then you start wondering when they started sounding like Katy Perry’s that is one of the many. They also have coke studio that has run for two seasons now and a third one coming up soon. This aims to bring fun and join together different countries, different musicians and DJs from different genres through music. The likes of Yemi Alade, Victoria Kimani and Diamond were on the previous season. Artistes from different countries that is Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Uganda come together and make music. This brings about collaboration and makes Africans know other African music and musicians.
This campaign also aims to show the teens a side that they think or thought to be very serious and not for their age group because apparently it is the adults job to be responsible. The side they get to know is that of independence, responsibility, daring and confidence. At this age they are normally very self-conscious of themselves. Does my hair look better in the dark red or light red hairband; do you think he likes me? I can’t speak up lest I say something stupid and many more. Now all these worries can be put aside and they can listen to themselves, not a group, they can follow their passion, not a group’s passion, they can dare to be different. This way they can be confident and are able to be more productive in other areas.
We should believe in our capacity to achieve greatness no matter how ill-equipped we are. There are some people who still think that Africa is a very big forest and the people who live there cannot achieve anything. Do I look like someone who hasn’t amounted to much? No, even you have combated many struggles to reach where you are, some more than others. It is just recently that a person in the US was asking how Nairobi has a snapchat story.

Do we even have phones leave alone the internet. Some people joined in and also displayed their ignorance, this shows how little the developed world thinks of Africa. We do not have much but we work with what we have and are the continent that is developing at the highest rate currently. The world can have lost hope in us but when we ourselves lose hope that is when we will be at our darkest point. Every person has a story they can share with the rest of the continent and even the world, it can be a message of hope, of survival, of breaking the chains. That is what Coca-Cola wants for Africa.

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