This is a quote our teacher shared with us in class. After some minutes of laughter it really sunk in and I will give you examples of how this quote really manifests itself in some of our miserable lives. Have you ever had some green stuck between your teeth? Me neither but this scenario really plays itself out really nicely in some cases. If you happen to have a nice friend they will call you aside and tell you to stop guffawing because you are actually embarrassing yourself. So you and that ego that swore never to leave you even in times of red cheeks will dismiss them but then go ahead and remove the green. If you have crazy friends like mine they will just look at you and ask you why you did not invite them over for lunch and you will start giving excuses. They will start playing guesswork with you. They will be like I am not saying that you had kale for lunch but my gut and some other evidence really seem to convince me. You will shyly accept and tap them on the shoulder. All this drama is happening in the same setting you were before this green elephant decided to sashay its way into the room. You will later come to realize why they were asking you very peculiar questions and in embarrassment ask for a toothpick because you really need it. You will be the talk of that afternoon thanks to my friends.

Another scenario which happens to girls is when you get out of the toilet and your skirt/dress has in bad taste been tucked into your panties. This has never actually happened to me because I really avoid dresses and skirts which I think is good judgment on my part if this is what happens to people. We have a tendency of just checking the front of our attire and do not care that much about the back. So you walk off greeting people and so you know that people are evil they will even request to take pictures with you / do a ‘human of New York’ piece with you. When you come to realize what is happening, you can’t even save face and the earth will not comply with your wish to open up.

The last example I have is when you are walking around in your crop top and see through grey tights thinking you look like Iggy Azalea while in real sense you look like a person who is begging touts to chase them down the road or calling after the women’s guild to come cover you with lesos that read “Asiyefunzwa na mamaye hufunzwa na ulimwengu” (that who is not taught by the mother will be taught by the world). This is when the confidence that happily brought you to town immediately disappears and fear creeps in. We all know that some of these touts are not right in the head.

The only tidbit I will give you is to utilize that confidence before it disappears and realize that you have made a very huge clown of yourself. Have a nice day.


  1. one thing is for sure, you did not create urself short, the Creator made u tall with ur grey matter.So be proud of who u are.

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