Curious or a Spy? The tale of a shy girl

Live only by this statement
Live only by this statement
Live only by this statement

Happy, kind, loving, empathetic, funny, sarcastic, these are some of the words that have been used to describe me. These words are by people who have taken the time to know me. For people I have just met they think I am a snob, shy, quiet, all the words you would use to describe a rock (if it was a person).If I could describe myself in one world I would pick the word curious. I normally do not go out seeking answers or adventures, it is just that I get bored so fast with doing the same thing over and over so I try a lot of new things often. Here are a few scenarios

  1. I did boarding school
Ptho! boarding school
Ptho! boarding school

I left for boarding school when I was 9. I was barely able to eat Githeri but I had this idea that because my big brother will be in the same school as me, I would have time to hang out with him. I totally blacked out everything to do with education because that suited me at the time. I was the one who pleaded with my mother on bended knees to let me go to boarding school. I even shaved my head in preparation; I was going to nail this boarding school thing. Went to boarding school and HATED it, yes in capital letters. I was so used to being at school at 7:30 am and then leaving at 4:30pm despite us not having any lessons since 3:45 because of the cool kids who went home with the school bus. Now, I needed to be up at 5:30 am and hold my eyes open until 9:00pm, how inhumane! There was also a tiny detail I missed out on, the fact that I will still be in school on Saturday and Sunday. I have this problem where I only see the good side of things and never put into consideration everything else that might be perceived as an inconvenience. This is why my life has shaped out as it has.

Side Note: I was there for 5 years! It was not up to me

  1. I tried for Drama Club despite having no facial expressions


I tell you living an oblivious life is sometimes the best gift you can give yourself. I had never tried to do anything on the mirror like pretend to be sad, happy, angry etc. So I went and tried out for not one but I think 18 or 19 shairis and poems. Every time my friends would be selected and they will keep giving me a mwakenya ati wrinkle your face more. Smile wider, Like for the love of God Rachael, do something with your face! And all the time, I failed. It was fun not being selected for any of the poems. The following year, guess who tried out for the Drama Club again? Me. This time I was so in tune with my face to the point that I could cry in less than two seconds and laugh hysterically a few seconds later. I had this emotion thing down and Lord did I use it! A teacher would come to me trying to beat me and I would convince them with my face that I genuinely did not know I was in the wrong with tears welling up. Funny thing is I couldn’t make myself cry when I was deceiving people but a well-up of tears and a very innocent face, make for the perfect partner in crime.

  1. I like pursuing things I have never learnt about before


The interesting thing about this is that you get to get away with a lot of stuff because people are very impressed with the little you do. I found this loophole in uni where your lecturers are more forgiving if you tackle a project in some topic or programming language they are yet to teach you. For my 2nd year project I went with web design and even tried to incorporate mobile money. For my 4th year project, I lept for an android app and tried geolocation. The geolocation bit did not work, I actually never tried it but I put it under “Future improvements on the projects” bit. I am doing photography now and my family loves the photos I take during family functions. Wait, no, no my family isn’t like that. These people do not know how to sugar coat things. If it is bad, they’ll tell you. If it is good, they’ll pretend to never seen or heard of it. If it is better than good then people will part you on the back and say embarrassing things about your childhood, and that right there is the best compliment you are ever gonna get. So what did we learn today? Move out of the fold and curve a different path.

  1. I did I.T and I am now in the Digital Marketing world

I think I have said this severally but there is always that sweet spot of getting into industries when they are fairly young. This way people do not have a leg to stand on when seeing if you qualify for the job. As I was starting out the main question was always what is your digital footprint. At the time I had a blog, a well-kept twitter account and a Facebook account. This was enough to get you through the door. Now it is a bit hard and I admit I will also need to go back to school for some professional courses or something.

Here is where I leave you with a quote, “Confuse your enemies with uncertainty.” When they think you are working at KRA, leave and work at the UN. When they find out about that, change UN locations and move to New York. The enemy must never know where you will be in the next three days.

4 Replies to “Curious or a Spy? The tale of a shy girl”

  1. As always I enjoy reading your blog! I like it so much that I always want to read it when in a good place and space so I can savour it!

    1. My number one fan always coming through! You definitely enjoy this month because i’ll be blogging everyday for 30 days!

  2. I like the quote it keeps your enemies on their toes…
    Drama club + No facial expressions = Hilarious moments 😉

    1. Thank you Wairegi, it surely does. We just do not hand over secrets. For the drama club bit, I laughed at people the next year because they couldn’t hold a facial expression. I forgot I was these people the previous year.

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