Issues I have with our education system.

We lack this in our system (
We lack this in our system (

For most of us we started school very well in the sense that we just had to colour the inside of a drawing of an apple. Needless to say some of us had very flamboyant apples of yellow colour and orange leaves. Don’t worry I am not judging I had worse colours. The best time of the day was when we were forced to sleep. This was the best part of my entire education life. We then went to primary school life was not that hard until we were forced to pass the exams.

For most part I was very bright. It was multiple choices I just had to bring my invisible Ouija board and summon Albert Einstein and there I was receiving my top prize at the end of the day. I went to high school and the same cast, different directors, different shooting locations that needed Michael Bay directions because of the intensity. I was very miserable because no multiple choice, no Ouija board.

Frustrations galore ugh.
I came to realize that if I did not cram my notes I would become a failure now that we rate people according to how well they do their exams.
I had a plan and it was a very smart plan. I decided that I would rather go for all music festivals and shake my behind better than J-Lo so that I am not in school most of the time. This worked well until my parents banned me going for any functions.
I went for all of them. I’m sorry mum and dad.
People crammed for their exams and I died a little inside anytime I saw people get 98% in history and I am struggling with my perfect 57%.

This is what education should be (
This is what education should be (

I DO NOT know how to cram and it’s not that I feel that I am too good for that, actually I think I am. Just kidding. I have this condition called ‘ If I can’t make a story out of it I don’t get it’. Ask a renowned psychiatrist and they will back me up 100%. I also gave them ksh 3000 to say that. If you ask a psychiatrist and they are not backing me up they are not renowned I do not care if they appeared on television before.
We have a lot of crammers in class and in our schools and this is not helping us at all when it comes to the job market. You will not be asked to name the five components of these and the other. It will mainly be application of what we learnt.
The other thing is that we have a way of forcing people into careers. You want to be an actress? Get a C. a doctor? An A. You got an A but wanted to be an actress? That ship sailed when you were busy being flaunted by your family on national television. This is why we have people who are not even 70% dedicated to their work. If you find a person with a passion and compare them to a person with only a salary, you will find a very huge gap in the motivation they each have.
If only someone would pay me to sleep the whole day. This is a real passion and tends to happen for 1hr 30min after my last class of the day. I am always more tired than the rest of the class for some reason.

I got a mysterious B+ in high school and mind you it was only one point away from an A- and as I was looking for journalism school or wildlife conservation school I came across some friends of mine and they were like “You are too smart for that.” My naivety and I are now schooling and are getting some grades that leave a mammoth to be desired except for ethics. I run the kingdom called ethics. You know one cannot cram ethics, it is actually impossible but I am the queen, the princess and the mother of the queen in that.
I keep thinking this is the sign from the universe but please dear universe, I need it in writing in purple ink and a gorgeous envelope in the dean’s office or in the person who is managing this version of the life I am living.
Cram away if that is the way you roll. I am just a handicap in that sector and I just wish I could cram because I would be getting scholarships left, right, up and center and I would be hear sipping my hot chocolate wondering which country/university is worth its salt or worth this gorgeous beautiful brain to be part of it.
I am very wise, I tell my lecturers this but they don’t comprendre . I am also multilingual.
Unrelated: I’m loving Sia’s album especially cellophane and Big girls cry. Not that I cry…why am I even defending myself??

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  1. Haha no comment. You got issues for real

  2. I so get you. I also need a sign, a big one at that, from the universe.

  3. Everyone loves it whenever people come together and share views.
    Great blog, keep it up!

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  4. Problem with this system is that you have to cram so that you don’t the long run we produce workers who really can’t apply whatever they were taught. Sad thing

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