It has been 24 years

Happy 24th!!
Happy 24th!!
Happy 24th!!

Last week I got a year older. I did not celebrate it much other than stuff my face with ice-cream. Problem is that people say that when you turn a year older, you get a feeling. I think it is wisdom and more wisdom setting in. So on Sunday as I was going for mass I came to the realization that I just turned 24 years old. It took me a whole week for that to really sink in. This is what I want to happen to me when I turn 42. I would like to forget for about 6 years that I turned 42. This realization hit me like a truck full of bad news, responsibilities and disappointments at full speed.

24 is that age that people usually have all their ish in order. None of my ish is in order. Not one of them. This got me sad but I can’t be sadder than I have been for the past 2 months so I decided to get my behind moving and do something to change that. When you are 24 you are supposed to be in a stable relationship, have a job you love, have a 5 year plan and all that. If you are not in a relationship or are in a job you hate or only have a 1 day plan don’t throw stones at me. I am not the one who said this, society did and sometimes society is wrong.

I am not in a relationship, currently my job title is freelancer and I didn’t even have a plan for today, let alone next week. Am I less if a human being because none of my ish is together, NO! Everything is ok and the only way to go is up.

So my goals for the next year are as follows. I want them as simple as possible so that they are easily achievable hence boosting my self-esteem. Killing two birds with one stone is my forte

  1. To procrastinate less

I am a master procrastinator. If I can keep off doing something for 3 weeks, then 3 weeks it is. I now want to plan ahead and make sure that I cut down on procrastination time.

  1. To be able to take positive feedback with grace

I don’t take positive criticism well. You would think I would be elated when someone told me that I am doing a good job. I get anxious and I start getting ideas in how to do better and the anxiety cripples me. I think I need a therapist. I now have most of my positive feedback on my phone and look at them once in a while. I think this will be the cure I am looking for.

  1. To be more curious

I have always been curious but nowadays my curiosity levels are at their lowest. I need to go back where I was. Where everything was interesting and I wanted to know more. This makes an intelligent and cultured person out of you.

  1. To travel more

I should start ticking off places on my travel bucket list. Some of them are in other continents but I do not intend to be poor for the rest of my life.

  1. To move away from things that make me unhappy

Some people say that they write better when they are sad, angry or depressed. I do my best writing when I am happy and visibly smiling. So when I am unhappy, I write like a toddler; nothing makes sense.

  1. To be more receptive to new opportunities

I am not very good at noticing opportunities even when they stare me in the face and poke my nose. I have a friend who knows how to grab opportunities and run with them and she is one person I will be seeking a lot of advice from.

  1. To stand up for myself more

I love drama, but I do not like to be the producer if the drama. So I keep myself as far away from confrontations as I possibly can. This then makes people think they can push me over however they like. So this year I want to be able to sit someone down and tell them if they wronged me or just punch them in the face.

  1. To pump you with articles on the regular

I think I have promised this before but I intend to follow through with this. If you have ideas on what more topics you want me to explore, please leave them in the comment box below or reach out to me on social media

  1. To involve you more in the creative process

You will be part of my creative process. You will be able to submit your own articles and I will post them here. This space is ours now. I will also take advice from you and suggestions for article ideas.

  1. To relearn French

French is not an easy language but I am working on improving it on Duolingo. I remember a few things but making a complete sentence especially in past tense is just a nightmare.

Hope I will be able to reach these goals and become an example of societal ad campaign and become the envy of my enemies muahahahaha. Ok sorry. I just hope I will not get tired and just mess up once again.

As always, sharing is the new black.

5 Replies to “It has been 24 years”

  1. Happy 24th!!!!!!…I love that you are not scared of that, but rather embracing it! Keep doing that

  2. No one ever has their shit together even when they look like they do.
    It would be nice to get more articles though , I need to re-download my duolingo and we can learn French together and probably end up together ..
    Here’s to having your shit together lurv..

    1. You mean no one ever? I sure hope so hahaha

  3. hello whoever said that about 24 got it all wrong. this is the age where we try to discover ourselves and we are confused as hell with too much fighting emotions and living the society’s expectations. Im already here heading to the small 5.

    1. It is great hearing that I still have more time to make mistakes

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