Justice for Khadija

I was watching news the other day and I came upon this story. I had seen the hash-tag #justiceforKhadija but I did not know who that was and why they were in need of justice. I came upon the story and I teared up. Who marries off their 16 year old daughter? I do not care if it is to a 23 year old or a 60 year old. That girl is too young to be married off.

I think some communities are too deep into their culture which is not wrong but we should filter what cultures we ought to keep and which ones should be discarded off as fast as possible. A 16 year old should be in school, in form two, making a life for herself and helping her community out. Sometimes its lack of education and exposure that makes such kind of cultures seem prestigious. It can also be poverty because the parents might think that by marrying their girls off they get the bride price, but is it really worth it if this is where your little girl ends up?

What happened to the age old sit down and talk? What is this nonsense of throwing hot charcoal on people? The girl was kept in the house since January with the burns and I sit here feeling her pain. Imagine that one time you accidentally burnt yourself with an iron box or a sufuria and the searing pain that ensued. Now imagine that in nearly your whole body and no one is helping you out. Now another reason of letting her live with the pain is that she does not have her documents. I say take her to Nairobi, let her get the medical attention she urgently needs and the rest will be discussed later. We surely cannot be that numb to human emotion and let documents triumph over human life. It’s just not right.

I think we are seeing more of these lovers quarrels athough in the case of Khadija I do not think it was a ‘lovers’ quarrel seeing that she was forced into the marriage. The incident at Kabianga university where a boy stabbed her girlfriend to death was also very sad. Sit down and talk. It’s not worth it or do you fancy your whole life behind bars? If you think anger will blind your decisions kindly remove yourself from that situation and have time to calm down.

Have yourselves a lovely day.

What say you?