Letter to 12 Year old me

Letter to 12 Year old me
Letter to 12 Year old me
Letter to 12 Year old me

Hi, how are you doing? We are doing well on this side of time travel. I am writing to just check on you and give you a heads up on a few things.


Please stop praying about the headmaster having a change of heart so that you can start growing your hair. That will not happen. They said that we need to be clean shaven because water is a problem and they do not need lice in school. We actually went on and in high school we had bomb hair which we later destroyed with perms after high school. Now it just looks like a blob of uncooperative strands of sisal. We have tried everything, twist outs, Shea butter, coconut oil but nothing seems to do the trick.

Random bouts of laughter

We still do this a lot. People still look at me and wonder what is wrong with me.  Don’t worry; this makes us unique and approachable sometimes. Our teeth make this a risky decision because our dental arrangement is messed up now. I didn’t get any braces and for that I am sorry, really sorry.


This might happen
This might happen

You know how you are getting good marks now? That doesn’t last. I am sorry to say. We got distracted for a very long while and the teachers are still in denial. They think that I went to a national school! We did very badly in the KCSE if you can fix that please do. We are not badly off now, we have numerous blonde moments but we have survived. If you can please choose another degree because we are barely using the one we studied for.

Physical growth

We haven’t grown much vertically but horizontally, we have. I can now not see the collar bones you hated so much. We look healthy, a bit too healthy now. I am telling you this so that in your vision board you don’t put down ‘Victoria secrets model/angel” because that is currently not happening.

Planning ahead

We got very comfortable in our intelligence and that is why it escaped us for a while. What you need to do is plan for most of the scenarios. Revise; learn about schools in both the national and provincial categories. Look for a career prospect and yes, that is how career is spelt not courier. I told you dumbness started a bit too early. You love gossip a bit too much, can you also please turn it down a bit.

General confusion

You think you are confused now! Think again. We get more confused and awkward so brace yourself. Life has been kind but it is just because people give us the benefit of the doubt. We forget things a lot because we can’t keep a single thought in our head. We are all over the place and talk a lot to compensate.


We are doing well. We won an award, who thought getting good composition grades would make us somewhat good writers. We are taking leaps and are now in debt because we bought a camera for a YouTube channel. I am not so bad in front of the camera which makes it enjoyable. I am working hard at this by learning a lot of things. We still despise being told what to do which is okay because we do the things we want how we want them and that has been working fine. So stop being timid, I need you to reach this age being more assertive than I currently am. Dare to dream, Make friends and lots of them. We are still not good at that


I have better sense because I refuse to wear tops with J-Lo’s face and jeans with safety pins on the knee section. What fashion sense is that! This is just embarrassing. We wear hoodies a lot now because, why not? We try on dresses and go out of the house in them; it feels good after it stops feeling weird.

I do not need you to change anything, just be sure of yourself and we are going to make it young girl. We are making it!


Older Self.

5 Replies to “Letter to 12 Year old me”

  1. I love love love your rewriting Rach! Keep going girl. Will be reading and getting others to read too. Good job!

    1. Thank you!!!

  2. When I was in high school (17 years old then) my teacher asked me to write a letter to my 10-year self and many years now I still have that paper I wrote it on. Actually it’s the only thing I have from my high school. When I saw this digest on BAKE I knew I had to check out what someone else had to say to their younger self. Of course it goes without saying that what I did pales in comparison to this. Quite a splendid read! If I wasn’t busy I would go ahead and read every other post on your blog.
    I loved it when you said “I want you to reach this age being more assertive than I currently am.” Wonderful writing.

    Feedback: Why don’t you have a ‘Follow’ or ‘Like this’ button? I would have loved to follow your blog. Or even comment services like Disqus or WordPress. I like to post comments using those rather than my email.

    1. Thank you George for reading and for the feedback, I will add a follow button.

  3. That letter is soo relatable… Do add a follow button dear, this blog is definitely a must read

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