Maasai Mara: The Safari

A herd of buffaloes at Maasai Mara National Park

The trip to Maasai Mara started with this note in a brown envelope.

My ticket to the Maasai Mara
My ticket to the Maasai Mara


My sister gave it to me during my graduation party. She told me that it was not money but something I would really like. I kept thinking that I like money why would she do this to me. I opened it and was very excited. We were to go to the Mara last year November and I was to pay for myself with the little savings I had but thank God this didn’t actualize.

We went with Bonfire Ventures and the stay was 3days, 2 nights. Read more about the stay here. On the first day of arrival we went for the game drive from 4pm. I was a little exhausted from the journey. If you have gone to the Mara you know that long stretch of dirt road from Narok to the Mara itself. We paid the parking fees and got in. Funny thing is that we did not use the gate we backed away from the gate and took a turn into the Mara. First animal I saw, well, you guessed it, a wildebeest. You could blindly throw a stone anywhere and it would hit a wildebeest.

WIldebeest everywhere.
WIldebeest everywhere.

Fun fact: Wildebeest are in the gazelle family.

I actually thought they were more of cows than goats. Moving on swiftly…

Fun fact: The Wildebeest and Zebras have sort of a mutualistic relationship as the wildebeest don’t see that well and the Zebras have poor smelling senses. So they live together.

We went ahead and came to a place where a lot of tour van had gathered. We found a slot, squeezed ourselves in and got to see the king of the jungle and his wife. What were they doing? Nothing much just sleeping like any normal cat would. The lion woke up and started roaring, it was actually not a scary roar, he actually didn’t put much effort to be honest. His wife then stood up and they waltzed into the sunset. No, just kidding, they took two more steps and slept again, nothing to see here people.

The lion and his wife.
The lion and his wife.

We went further ahead and saw some cubs playing and two lionesses watching them. I would like to come back as a lion, just sleep and eat which is 90% of what I already do.

We saw the Thompson gazelle, the Topi (read a book), the antelope and I would like to say a dik dik but that will just be pushing it.

The second day was more interesting as it was the entire day. We almost saw a lioness hunt.  They were three, two lionesses and a lion. They had a formation that would result to having all the wildebeest in that area at one central place. The wildebeest knew there was danger in front of them and they just stood there. The zebras could actually see the danger and they hid behind the wildebeest. They are very clever animals I tell you. So one of the lionesses started running and where are the rest, not cooperating at all. She got mad and left. They went had a short meeting and left together. It was like group work in school, one person does everything as the rest paint their nails.

The lioness leaving after an unsuccessful hunt
The lioness leaving after an unsuccessful hunt

We also saw elephants, let me put it this way, let the Mara be the screen of your computer, I saw a pixel. They were too far away that I thought they were boulders until I saw one move. That ship has sailed sadly.

Fun fact: In the animal kingdom the male animals are more beautiful.

I saw a male giraffe and we will be having our wedding on Saturday next week. That magnificent tall drink of water animal was a sight to behold. The pattern on his skin was so nice and darker than any I have seen before. The rest of the giraffes did not make an impact on my life at all.

The mesmerising girrafe.
The mesmerising girrafe.

We saw the Sand River and also the Mara River.

Fun fact: The wildebeest cross any time of the year and this they do at the Sun River. They only do the migration once when moving from Kenya to Tanzania and vice versa and this is done at the Mara River. The migration happens between July and August.

There was this awful stench at the Mara River and the Ranger told us that it was because some of the wildebeest had died three days before as they were trying to cross over.

Fun fact: Wildebeest are basically sheep. One does something and the rest follow.

They jumped and hit the riverbank on the other side and drowned and still more came and did the same. The lunacy!!!

Fun fact: The hippos and crocodiles also live together as the hippo’s dung brings all of the fish to the club, that’s right. Anyway this is of advantage to the crocodiles as they eat this when nothing else is available.

Fun fact: A hippo can grow up to 3.6 tones and live up to 50 years. The crocodiles live till 100 years.

Fun fact: The Mara’s source is the Mau hills and it drains into Lake Victoria.

Oh on the third day as we were going to keekerok airstrip to wait for our plane because that is how we roll, we saw the lion and its wife mating. How many of you have seen that?

Taking selfies at keekerok airstrip with my sister.
Taking selfies at keekerok airstrip with my sister.

It was a nice adventure and the next time I go there I need to see elephants, cheetahs, rhinos and hyenas. I think every other animal I saw including the buffalos.

PS: All photos featured have been taken by Catherine Wambua. Find her on instagram @qateey




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