Music, the only constant

Music gives me life
Music gives me life
Music gives me life

Music. The sound of it makes me happy. My name betrays me because my people love music. You will not find a rhythmless Kamba anywhere. Except my little brother. He is hopeless. We have tried. We have even urged him to try dance like Lorde, but he still fails. How? We don’t understand and we will be meeting with the men of the Kijiji soon to have him spoken to and spit on (for blessings).

I have had my fair share of musical phases. I like to think that music is something that resonates with me depending on what emotions we I at the time. This means that it can change from morning to evening or from year to year. It doesn’t matter.

There was a Kenyan music phase I had when younger. Back when Kenyan music made sense and it was not about an ambulansi. I knew all the lyrics from all of E-Sir’s songs. Every Saturday morning, we would meet outside to sing these songs at the top of our lungs. Then, no one would tell you to shut up because you are only 7 years old. Now that I look back at that time, we were just shrieking banshees with no sense of pitch. These were the good days. You remember how Young Nation had the lyrics and we would use them to practice? I know for a fact that for most of those songs they were just guessing because some of the lyrics didn’t look right. But it’s okay since we did not have internet.

After this nice life of being very patriotic and supporting Kenyan music I went to boarding school. I will mention boarding school until the time you will tell me not to. In boarding my favourite emotion was fear, uncertainty, sadness, homesickness all rolled into one. The only time we got to listen to music was during closing days. This is where my love for the oldies comes from. I will just go right ahead and say it and let you judge me…I love Classic 105 jams. All of them. They make me calm and soothe my soul.

That was a good transition wasn’t it. So for the part of my life where I did not understand what was going on. I am referring to late primary school to my high school years. I found Rock music, well, my sister found rock music and I loved it. All the screaming, all the drums and guitar reefs made my tiny heart so happy. This is how I learnt how to do lone concerts at home with a mop. No one cares if you can sing. With rock, you just gather all your emotions together and scream your lungs out. It can be quite therapeutical. Try it sometime. Some bands I listened to at the time were Third Eye Blind, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Three Doors Down, Evanescence, Florence and the Machines (I still listen to her)

I would like to take this opportunity say that Vanessa Carlton’s a thousand miles is not rock music. This song was requested so many times during Rock sessions in high school by ‘rock heads’ and I felt like chocking on my Rice and beans. (our music entertainment coincided with our lunch hour).

Moving on swiftly, now I have gone to pop music where a thousand miles belongs. Sometimes you need to sit down and listen to angelic voices sing to you and understand what they are saying. My favourite songs at the moment are

Praying by Kesha – I have no words for this song. Kesha has been reborn and I must say the album ‘Praying’ is pure gold. Her emotions are raw and it makes you feel for her. The whole album is basically about her redefining herself after leaving her abusive manager. Life is looking up for her.

Best lyric – ‘Cause I can make it on my own

And I don’t need you, I found a strength I’ve never known

I’ll bring thunder, I’ll bring rain, oh-oh

When I’m finished, they won’t even know your name (I like this)

Crying in the Club by Camilla Cabello – this is a perfect pop song. Nothing much is being said but the beats and her voice go so well together. I am not in a healthy relationship with this song.

Strangers by Halsey ft Lauren Jauregui – Lauren’s raspy voice and Halsey’s sultry voice are in a perfect marriage. I see no flaws here. The song makes me feel like I lost love while I have been single since conception. Yes, my life is sad.

Wrabel by The Village –  this is about Transgender youth and it came out at the right time seeing what is happening in the USA at the moment. The US is making me suspect that this life is just a dream. We will wake up one day and we will be our seven-year-old selves singing Mos mos by E-sir ft Brenda. It makes you feel for anyone who can be considered a minority or just a person going through a hard time.

He like that by Fifth Harmony –  another song that says a lot of nothing but is honestly very catchy. Also Lauren’s voice.

Dusk Till Dawn by Zayn and Sia –  I am yet to fully listen to this song seeing it came out yesterday but I see Sia and immediately I am hooked. I am that person who will sell my little brother for a ticket to Sia’s concert if she ever came to East Africa. I am not even lying. Little brother, stay safe because I will need you one day.

This list could go on but I have another #30dayblogchallenge to write about.

Please tell me what songs you are currently listening to, I need to expose myself to knew sounds.

As always share with friends or enemies, I don’t judge.

What say you?