Must Watch: Bates Motel

After some months of thorough deliberation I have come to the conclusion that I should be writing about TV series once in a while. The main reason being I watch a lot of them and people are telling me that I should get a life. Why not write about something that I constantly do instead of trying to give advice that I rarely have. The series I am currently watching is called bates motel and to say it is a weird series will be an understatement. It is a story about a relationship between mother and son who leave their home in Arizona and buy a motel in white pine bay to start over. This is after the death of the husband. The son is called Norman Bates and the mother Norma Bates. I told you it’s weird. The son has some kind of mental condition where he blacks out and remembers nothing for a while if he really angered by someone. He has killed people in this trance state and he does not seem to know it. The mother knows and has been keeping him too close as a result. The kid has a big heart but is easily angered. I also don’t think he would take ‘your mama jokes’ kindly regardless of their authenticity. It is a nice relationship to have but it is smothering at times.

They name the motel Bates Motel and that is when all their problems start. They even considered moving because they literally can’t understand this small town. For the first several months they rarely got visitors because people kept dying in or around the motel. For most parts Norma is naïve and this makes her an easy prey for people with hidden agendas which everyone in the town has except Emma. She probably would have if she was not more near death than life. She carries around an oxygen tank and cannot do heavy tasks lest she falls and you know what. She is also literally near death because her father is a taxidermist. For those of you who do not know what this is should start reading books as soon as you are done with this. It’s a person who stuffs dead animals and make them look like the living animals they were before.

Norma has another son who she is not very fond of but he is also a nice kid. He comes into town and starts working in the weed farm in the place. The economy of the place is driven by the weed business so even the sheriff and all town members know about this. Norma is estranged from his brother and that’s all I’ll say. I don’t want to give you all juicy details.

This is a series that is worth your time and you can be done with it in a week’s time for those who have other things to do. For those who are just lazing around a day is enough as it is a ten-episode series and only has produced two seasons awaiting the third.

**Next series will be sleepy hollow loosely based on the town of sleepy hollow and my husband (how I wish) is the main character.

What say you?