My inspiration, Shonda Rhimes

My inspiration, Shonda Rhimes
My inspiration, Shonda Rhimes
She has a masterclass and I am dying!

If you were asked to name a person that you look up to that is not a family member, who would you name? Since I discovered Shonda Rhimes, I have never had a problem answering this question. There is nothing I can write about Shonda Rhimes that will give her the importance she deserves. She is literal goals. Goals, I tell you.

Have you ever watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder or the Catch? Well you have had the taste of what her brain is able to conceive. I have watched all these programs and I must say that Grey’s Anatomy and How To get away with murder make me get impressed every time. You would look at this and wonder, why is Rachael telling me this. She would watch paint dry if it means she would avoid doing a certain chore. Uhm, that I agree but Shonda Rhimes magic is unmatched and I feel like I just insulted her by putting in that paint dry sentence. I apologise Shonda.

  1. She is a very put together person

I like how she holds herself. She has this way of directing communication in a way that everyone remains sane in the room. Yes, she is a little quiet but when she speaks, people listen. I talk a lot sometimes, all the time not saying much. I would like to command such a presence. I would like to give this example. There was this story that J.K Rowlings allegedly possessed someone’s house. We know that she is petty and she had dragged people on twitter. It was good to know that this story was not true but she has no time for trolls. I would prefer to have the level headedness of Shonda and the pettiness of J.K. That is the perfect personality to have.

  1. She has disrupted the TV industry

There was a time when women could not get a leading role in a television show. She came up with Grey’s anatomy and the lead was a woman and several of the supporting roles were still held by women. But this was not enough as women of colour were nowhere to be seen. She created Scandal and had Kerry Washington in the star role. She did it again with How to Get Away With Murder. All these women have been nominated and won various awards with Viola Davis being the first black woman to win a primetime Emmy award for Outstanding Lead Actress. I know this kind of representation has paved way for the likes of Issa Rae to come up with their own black prominent TV shows. In the film industry, we have Ava Duvernay who is also one of the people I look up to but that is a story for another time.

  1. I like how her brain works

Is she a doctor, lawyer, Private investigator or a fixer? No. But she finds ways to tell these stories. She has a team, of course, we won’t deny that. But the original idea has to come from somewhere. You can’t ask for assistance for something you have not envisioned. You have to have a point of reference when asking for help. Thursday night TV slots are left for her. That is how well written her stories are. I can’t wait for TGIT on the 28th. TGIT stands for Thank God It’s Thursday. I would like to have my brain work like that. Have more than one project running and have them run so seamlessly that not one project overshadows the other.

  1. Year of yes

I wouldn’t put myself in a position where I say yes to everything but she did. As I said, she is a very reserved person and sometimes opportunities would pass her by because maybe she felt it was not the right time or she did not have the skillset at the time. So she embarked on a Year of yes, where she said yes to almost everything. (You can’t say yes to everything or people will misuse you). I would like to get to a point where I can say yes around 80% of the time because what reaches me is a worthwhile project after another. I say yes because my support system is always there and they need me sometimes. A period of saying yes so that I can be able to prioritize what’s more important to me.

If I could be 10% Shonda, I would be almost at the Self Actualization phase of life. Who is that person you look up to, the person that inspires you?

She has a master class and I know where my some of my salary will be going. If you would like to support this noble cause my MPESA number is 071XXXXXXXX.

What say you?