My top 5 feeling good by Nina Simone covers

Lauryn Hill singing at The Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon (image courtesy of

Nina Simone’s songs are ones you take on when you have complete faith in your vocal cords. She has this refined alto of a voice that fills a room with such presence and commands listening. People have tried, some have done it successfully while others have failed. These are my top five.

  1. Lauryn hill
Lauryn Hill singing at The Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon (image courtesy of
Lauryn Hill singing at The Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon (image courtesy of

I just watched the performance she did on the Tonight Show by Jimmy Fallon and it was all kinds of wonderful. Her voice is just right for the song. She starts the song in a mellow tones but then picks it up and the magic starts happening. Her band really did a good job of accompanying her music and it all came together seamlessly and sounded heavenly. I also really liked the short spurts she had at the end of her notes. They gave the performance a more interesting feel and showed how well she was in control of her voice. Let’s just agree on this, Lauryn Hill has a strong voice and I would listen to her any time.

A short article and the video can be found here.


  1. Carly Rose 
Carly Rose's Audition at X-Factor (image courtesy of
Carly Rose’s Audition at X-Factor (image courtesy of

I am always on YouTube watching xfactor auditions. It is good to watch people with talent once in a while. I know that one day that talent would transfer to me and I will sing better than Celine Dion, she better watch out. On X-factor is where I first saw Carly Rose. She came in with shorts and sandals looking like she was on her way to have a good time at the beach.

Then she opened her mouth and oh child! did goose bumps start invading my skin. She had a big voice for someone who was only 12 years old at the time. She hit the ball all the way from the park to China and back.

She held all notes all the while singing so effortlessy as she walked around the stage. Have a listen here.

3.  Carolina Isabel

Carolina Isabel's Cover of Nina Simone's Feeling Good (image courtesy of
Carolina Isabel’s Cover of Nina Simone’s Feeling Good (image courtesy of

For her I liked how she gave a me that feeling like I could sing. Her voice was clean but the room had a little bit of echo but apart from that everything else was okay. There were points in her song where she sounded like Amy Whinehouse. I might be delirious but I think I heard it. Have a listen here.

    4.  Anassa O’Neill 

Anassa O'Neill (Image courtesy of
Anassa O’Neill (Image courtesy of

Oh girl! You can sing and sing you did. Another 12 year old (at the time) showing the world how it’s done. Her rendition gave me feelings of pride, I think, like I am her voice coach. The lungs on this beautiful human beings with such wonderful vocal cords have an infinite capacity. Her voice, it’s raspy and the good kind of raspy not the alcohol and cigarrete kind of raspy.

Check it out

    5.  James Arthur

James Arthur performing on X-Factor UK (image courtesy of
James Arthur performing on X-Factor UK (image courtesy of

James Arthur is bae. I have never used that word before but I will use it with him. His voice is so versatile and I give you permission to stalk and stalk him some more. I also found him on X-Factor and I think I first saw him perform impossible by Shontelle and it was breathtaking. He is a man and he did a woman’s song so beautifully I cried.

For the feeling good rendition, he gave it a rock kind of feel. I was there just wondering have the Fall-out boys done this yet so as to compare. It was out of this world.

Have a listen.

Who are your top 5. Share in the comments below.

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  1. Lol… I’m team Carly Rose Sonenclar all the way… Whoop whoop, girl was gifted with vocals #f**kautotune

    1. Girl Sans Doubts says: Reply

      hahaha. she is really good. Kwanza that audition gave me goose bumps.

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