The wait is over: Recurring Fall TV shows

Fall TV shows

Fall TV shows

This #30dayblogchallenge is already proving to be a challenge aye! Today’s challenge is writing about our favourite book. The problem here lies within the fact that reading is not something I do oh so regularly. Wait, can you stop booing. I read articles on medium, I get cultured with people’s experiences on Quora and pick up an occasional book. I know I owe you a review of Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. See, I haven’t gotten around to finishing the book so the review will be done a lot later than we all expected. I watched the movie and I did not like it as much. I got the book was better than the movie bug. The choice of characters for me was a bit off. I know that Emilia Clarke is a quirky person but as I was reading the book, I kept picturing Melissa Benoist as Louisa Clark. We will delve into all these problems when I do the review. Today, I would like us to celebrate the coming back of normal TV programming. In less than a month, we will have all our favourite TV shows back on air. Let’s clap and ululate in unison… Now! That was great, thank you.

Where did we leave things at?

Grey’s Anatomy 28th September

 Dr. Teddy Altman in all her glory!
Dr. Teddy Altman in all her glory!

There was a fire at Grey Sloan Memorial and Stephanie had the task of helping this little girl remain safe. The inconvenience here was that Stephanie was last seen with this patient who was a rapist and she tried to calm the situation to the point that the little girls was not caught in the mix of things. We all know that Stephanie is a bad ass an in her badassery, she manage to light up this man on fire and escape with the girl to the rooftop. After we find Stephanie (she conveniently collapsed when the EMT’s arrived) Nathan comes to hear the news that Megan, Dr. Hunt’s sister is alive. Dr Grey gives him permission to go be with the love of his life.

Exciting News: Dr. Teddy Altman is coming back! (I couldn’t be happier) and it will be a 2-hour premiere


How to get away with murder 28th September

How to get away with murder season 4
How to get away with murder season 4

We left all the students under Annalise’s mentorship not giving a hoot. I would have stopped giving hoots in season one when we bonfired a person. I understand why they did not leave but weee! I would have even changed schools. So now that they did not leave in season one we got another dead person. Wes was killed in the fire in Annalise’s house and Laurel could not contain herself, especially when she came to find out that she was pregnant. This show will kill me one day with all the drama.

Why I am still here: Shonda can’t do no wrong. I am also waiting to see what annalise’s next step will be. Bonnie is keeping strong but until when will she be used as a doormat. This is a relationship I want to see crumble and I will be there with popcorn and a fanta passion


Fresh off the boat 3rd October

You know your mother has said this once before.

This a comedy show featuring an asian family living in a very progressive suburb. The mother is impossible but a very hilarious character. The dad is, how do I put this gently, very ambitious in ways that come off as naive but he sometimes has a very strong head on those shoulders. In need of a laugh and a nostalgic feeling of you growing up, this is the show for you


The Walking Dead 22nd October

The fight isn't over
The fight isn’t over

This season was a roller-coaster mainly because of the bat wielding Negan, He took Abraham and Glenn from us. Can we have a moment of silence for Sasha who sacrificed herself to try and kill Negan. That was bad ass but I will miss her on the show. To be honest her role in season 7 was lacking but we all know she and Michonne can keep the whole camp safe, just the two of them.

Plotline for season 8: A lot more death because now people are dying off like flies


The Blindspot 27th October

The drama continues, what's the next clue?
The drama continues, what’s the next clue?

We are still trying to convert Roman to be part of the good guys. He came to find out that Jane wiped his memory and he is not cool with that. Not in the tiniest bit. Jane was tired with this life and she gave it the middle finger and went to live atop mountains with monks. At the end of the finale episode, she had to come back as their was a box they had to open together, I think it read their DNA or fingerprints. They both had to be there.

What’s keeping me here: Where have they been in those two years and what are the contents of the box.


Stranger Things 27th October

Stranger Things
Stranger Things

This is a Sci-fi Netflix show that follows the lives of 5 pre-teens who were looking for their friend who might have gone to the upside down. The chemistry of everyone in this show is unmatched and it is more impressive as a majority of the cast are children. The best acting I have seen so far by a child is by Millie Bobby Brown. She shaved her head for the role. She plays a troubled child called Eleven. She escaped from what we might call a mental institution and made friends with the other four boys.


Honorable mentions: Transparent 22nd Sept, Madam Secretary 8th Oct, Gotham 21st Sept, This is us 26th Sept, Empire 27th Sept, Supergirl 9th Oct

New shows that I hope won’t suck: The Gifted on Fox and Will and Grace reboot.

EDIT: I forgot to add that Criminal Minds is coming back on 27th September, Mr Scratch, this is your last chance.

I have had one other article on new shows premiering this week. This article was done two years ago! Time sure does run fast. My taste was somewhat different then go check that out.

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