How to survive a quarter life crisis.

Living like a boss
Living like a boss

I am writing this as I listen to Beyonce’s Lemonade because I need that kind of sass in my life. I have in the past written words for you but this time these words will be words of importance; Words that have deliberately come together to form a prestigious club of importance. If you know me or have read on this space for a while, you know I am not a well put together person. I thought that everyone my age lived like this. Their lives a mess, hair not combed, wearing jumpers in 30 degree weather. Well, I was wrong. People my age are having babies and raising them well in nice houses they can afford rent in. I live at my parents and I had only one task of making sure our Rosemary stem stayed alive. Let me just say that tea with rosemary is something I miss.

So upon further reflection into my life I came to the conclusion that I might be suffering from the quarter life crisis. I am not even that old yet. If you continue asking me questions as I have asked time and again then this is one of the mysteries that would eventually be solved. I look 19, dress like a 2 year old, reason like a 45 year old, laugh like a 23 year old light skin. I can be any age, ANY AGE.

Now that I have already had like 3 something- life crisis (toddler life crisis, pre-teenage life crisis and life- in- general crisis) I can at least help you survive the quarter life crisis.

  1. People are not that well put together

I might be saying this just to console myself but I know it is the truth. People on these social media streets look like they have everything figured out but guess what, they are just pretending. That car is probably an Uber. Those nice shoes, she borrowed from her friend. That house is her aunt’s. I might just be jealous because I have none of these but there are such instances. I know lots of things, trust me.

  1. It is okay to cry

I am one person who does not cry often. I think the last time I cried was early last year and I was sick with Salmonella. It is not because I am strong. I just know what really needs to bother me and what to just block. That is not healthy way of living because I usually have all these thoughts and grudges held within me. Just cry, let it out. No one has time to go to the optometrist because of a clogged tear duct because you forgot to use them. To make sure mine are working I just watch the voice kids blind auditions and when my eyes well up with tears I know my pipes are still working.

  1. You will love him/her and he/she will not love you back

I know nothing about relationships. The only thing about relationships I know is that Chase is the Relationships bank or something of the sort. Your heart does not have a brain it will like people you have no control over and they will love pizza instead of you. And don’t forget there is the Becky with the good hair who is playing with Beyonce. Take time, you are still young. Love will come around and you will find that special person whenever. Don’t stress. Cats are good things to keep you company at this awkward stage of life.

Hearts are for pumping blood
Hearts are for pumping blood
  1. Negative people are not worth your time

If you have a conversation that goes like this

You: Hi, I want to start *business/hobby*

Friend Enemy: How much do you want as capital?

You: like 30k, planning to start small.

Friend Enemy: Pssshhhh *laughs hysterically* that won’t work.  Your dreams are valid bro but this is just stretching it.

Leave that person ASAP. They don’t care about you. You don’t need people who call you bro in your life and quote Lupita every chance they get. Conversations should go like this.

You: Hi, I want to do ABCD

Friend: Really? You know I got you don’t you?

You: Thank you.

Friend: How much do you need?

You: 70k

Friend: *Creates a very detailed plan of how to rob a bank and get you that money*

If this happens, marry/kidnap that human person. Gender, insanity, level of friendship doesn’t matter. This is a good person and they should be your person.

  1. Don’t be afraid of failure

We all start from somewhere. I was really scared of failure because I thought it might change people’s perception of me. I tried a lot to be the model friend, overcompensating for things. Not trying things because ‘what if I fail’ kept ringing in my ears. This life is yours; no one else will live this life as well as you do. Try all things. Let me rephrase that. Try things that add value to your life. Don’t be scared. Failure happens and people move on. If people did not fail, this word would not be in the dictionary.

I still have a little fears like what if you people don’t like my voice. I have a weird voice but I will still start that YouTube Chanel. We will know later whether my voice makes you feel like your insides are burning or not.

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  1. Ruth Ndegwa says: Reply

    Great article Rachael.

    1. Ditto!…pretty sound advice right there!!!..YouTube will be great, you have nothing to lose!

      1. Nothing at all actually

  2. Sound advice…ahahaha…you may try the youtube thing…though I wouldnt quote it a quarter life crisis…

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