Taking Stock: August


I am not sure when these Taking stock posts are supposed to be done so I chose mid month because I am unique like that.

Making: Videos and scripts for my youtube channel. There will be a video by the end of the week.
Cooking: chapatis
Drinking: Porridge and stinging nettle tea. It is not the tastiest of drinks. It tastes like nothing but does good things to your digestive system.
Reading: I haven’t finished reading Michael Connelly’s Blood work. I just don’t know why but I finished reading ‘The Art of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki and it was really helpful.
Wanting: A lot of things that I can’t afford
Looking: Like I have parents now that I went shopping and bought myself a few clothes.
Playing: I tried playing pokemon GO but there are none in my area at home.
Deciding:To plan out my year so that I can get the most out of the remaining part of the year.
Wishing: That I would break out of this shell I am in and explore, be daring, jump of cliffs etc.
Enjoying: Video editing and photography. I am learning a lot of interesting stuff
Waiting: Black Friday so I can buy some stuff I want from Amazon.
Liking: I am loving this journey I am on. It is a little difficult because unlike a blogpost I have to think about what I need to say, which angles to take, what other characters are in play, who will play these characters etc
Wondering: Why the Snapchat CEO hates windows phone users.
Loving: Doing DIY projects.
Considering: Looking for a side hustle. If you need someone to come take photos for you at a small fee you can contact me.
Buying: Video LED Lights on black friday
Watching: Grey’s anatomy again. I can’t believe Karev was such a douche when he started out!
Hoping: for lots of things. I think I have confused myself by hoping for a lot of things. I think that I have made myself fearful of some projects because I feel like I can see 3 years from now and it is not pretty. #SelfDoubt #LifeIsNotYourMama. Yes, I used hashtags

pablo (2)
Marveling: at how much ground I have to cover when it comes to video editing. Funny thing is that it doesn’t give me the jitters.
Needing: to stop watching Grey’s anatomy and Clevver Style’s Beauty Break on Youtube. These two are time wasters and that is where I have been camping for the past month!
Questioning: I choose to not question stuff from when this sentence ends. I have questioned myself a lot when it comes to career, hobbies, talents etc and it is making me a cabbage.
Smelling: Gun powder. No! No! No! Chill! That is the name of my new favourite chewing gum. I told you I am weird.
Wearing: Sweaters and jackets. Sometimes together because I tend to feel cold easily.
Following: the Olympics when I can. There have been a lot of rules on whether we can use the word ‘Olympics’ anywhere so if you don’t see me after this post goes up, I was taken to court by those people for copyright infringement or something.
Noticing: that I am getting fatter. It is not bad, it is actually welcome but could it slow down.
Knowing: that I need to change how I do things. Yaani I should concentrate on things that will help me grow and stop wasting time. I waste a lot of time.
Thinking: Kemboi was mad for having such a haircut. He was on Universal television but who cares. Not him.
Admiring: the stamina the 10km women swimming humans had. I can’t even walk a kilometer without rethinking my life choices.
Sorting: my clothes. I have a lot of clothes I hate but just keep because I think I will learn to love them like I learnt to like high school and failed miserably.
Getting: sick like it is the in thing. If getting sick was a fad, I would be reigning fadland and put Beyonce and Kerry Washington to shame.
Bookmarking: Random youtube videos because I usually have a lot of tabs open that I never finish so I just bookmark them so I can come back to them later.
Coveting: people with sick editing skills. I am at that point where I analyse all editing and almost take notes when I see something impressive
Disliking: that my computer can’t handle how awesome I am about to be. It hangs every time I am about to create great things but never when I am wasting time.
Opening: microwaves, fridges, doors to kitchens, crisps bags
Giggling: at a lot of internet humour like this synchronized swimming video
Feeling: optimistic
Snacking: on amigos, don’t judge
Helping: my little brother with things he thinks are free. This is why I am broke.

What say you?