Taking stock: December

Taking stock december 2015
Taking stock december 2015

I feel like this piece does not need an introduction. the great news is that it is December, it is the time to be jolly and we are all happy. Christmas is 24 days away so start preparing your stomachs and jaws for all the Nyama Choma Kachumbari combos. This is where I am at on this first day of December.

Making : new friends and acquaintances.

Cooking : Lunch!!! I never thought I would ever say this. My mother is on leave and so lunch has to be cooked. Bye! Bye! artificial flavours of barbecue and cheese and onion.

Drinking : I will say milk, it might be true or false. My skin might look fairer or not.

Reading: Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Never finished it but I have like 20 pages remaining.

Wanting: to travel the world and hence I am looking for a job that brings in more money than I currently bring in and praying for my blog to have that lift off I have been waiting for.

Looking: for my pen. I keep losing pens and I have this habit of writing my stories down on paper before I transfer them to my blog.

Playing: Passenger’s album. It is the mellow kind of music that takes you places and gives you a smile that makes you look like you are high.

Deciding: to wear socks all day every day. This cold can freeze someone to death and make you look like the undead from Game of Thrones.

Wishing: That I was a less shy and clumsy (still wishing)

Enjoying: Dancing in the house with socks on while listening to Nadia Favre on XFM.

Waiting: for Christmas!!!Who’s not??

Liking: My new cut hair. I cut it a few days ago because it had some unhealthy strands that I needed gone. My barber is the best, he keeps winning.

Wondering: is this the real life? Is this just a fantasy? Caught in a landslide. No escape from reality. (sing along)

Loving: My white dress. I wore it during the weekend and I looked so elegant!! I think white dresses photograph better than any other dresses

Considering:  Moving out but I ain’t got money. I will get money and I will move out and I will decorate my house so well that everyone who comes to my house will have to kneel at my feet *evil laugh*

Buying: I have actually not bought anything for myself since last month.

Watching: I wished I could say my weight but it is December and I do not want to lie and refuse myself food that I know will be tantalizing. I will watch my weight next year.

Hoping: That I will get to see Sudan the rhino. Ol Pejeta, we are still planning and we will be there when the rains subside.

Marvelling: at how friendly Pope Francis is

Cringing: I refuse to cringe this month

Needing: to change my wardrobe and buy nice clothes that make me look like I have a family that cares for me

Questioning: Where is Kenya headed

Smelling: leave-conditioner. Black silk leave-in conditioner has a very nice smell and I think I have too much on my hair

Wearing: socks and trousers or long skirts. It’s too cold and pneumonia is not a friend of mine.

Following: Random people on instagram. Sometimes I follow people and then a month passes and I ask myself, was that a worthwhile follow? Then I unfollow them.

Noticing: That I need to be on musical.ly but I have a windows phone and we do not have that app yet. We have an app by the same name but it is just utter nonsense. Santa I need an android phone or an android tablet, I have been good *sobs*

Knowing:  that when it rains it pours and especially in my area.

Thinking: that the drill at Strathmore went terribly wrong and the least they could do was to at least show some remorse and not try to defend themselves. Yes, I was a stratizen and yes, I was in the class that almost died of Salmonella.

Admiring:  The growth that I have had since I took time to work on my blog and where I want to be.

Sorting: out my article ideas so as to know which ones I should write about first. I know I did not post anything last week, I was having a creative block which mainly happens after I have been given a lot of advice. If you have ideas on what you would like me to add or that you never want to see again, leave a comment.

Getting: better at fixing things around the house. I follow my dad around a lot and hence I am slowly becoming an electrician, mechanic, artisan and many other useful persons.

Bookmarking: the book I am reading. I am almost done. If you want a review of Americanah Leave a comment and I will start working on it after I am done.

Coveting: Jess Glyne’s singing voice. It might be someone else next month, who knows?

Disliking: Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s relationship. I just can’t understand why they are together. I just can’t.

Opening: a page every now and then. Keep up, I have been reading a book!

Giggling: at nothing, laughing at everything.

Feeling: sleepy. I do not know why I sleep at 1 am every day. I am more organized and I send in my articles early nowadays so I just can’t understand this behavior.

Snacking: I have not been snacking. I cook lunch now.

Helping: around the house and a few people who think that I am a voice of reason. Would you look at that!!


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  1. Strath messed up big time!

  2. I like the Stock Taking blogs…my all time favourite

  3. I love taking stock: I have done three taking stocks on my blog last year, you can check them out kithylouise.com

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