Taking Stock: February

A piece of advice I work with everyday.
A piece of advice I work with everyday.

I feel like time is going past really fast, it is making my head spin. I sometimes use these Taking Stock posts a cheat when I have nothing to write about. This time it is genuine because I have other posts in store for you. These posts are actually becoming very hard to write. I should rethink how I execute them.

Making: plans to be a more productive human being. Time management is not for the faint-hearted.

Eating:  a lot of fries. I had a colleague challenge me to a one month no fries diet and I absolutely declined. Chips si waruu.

Drinking: green tea because I haven’t yet gone to the supermarket to get me my favorite tea; Hibiscus tea.

Reading: Matatu posters. I saw one today, “Usituharakishe, gari haijachelewa ni wewe ndiye umechelewa.” They are not wrong actually. I finished my January book which was Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling. For this month I am not yet decided on which book I want to read but I want to start with The Girl on The Train.

Wanting: a wardrobe overhaul. I would do it sooner but I am still money poor.

Wasting: no time in finding a good podcast to listen to.  I mainly listen to those along the lines of Social media, Blogging and People interaction. I suck at interacting with people.

Creating: good memories that I will look back to when I am older.

Wishing: that my knight in shining armor would come around sooner. Was he trampled on by his horse or something?

Listening: To Sia’s new album called “This is acting.” It is a collection of the songs she had written for other artistes who went ahead to reject them for some reason. Don’t ask me which because this songs are the truth.

Enjoying: Good music, good friends, TV shows and just taking everything a step at a time.

Liking: that I now have a tangible example of where my writing can take me. Silvia Njoki who is a fashion blogger has been nominated for the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award for Best African Blogger. Go vote for her please. I don’t know her personally but I know this will be something good for our country and future generations.

Playing: Candy crush. I am sorry but I am at level 975 and I have to finish it. The last level is level 1400 and I intend to get there.

Wondering: I have not had any comfortable shoes to wear this week.

Loving: the feel of Shea Butter on my hair. It is expensive though!

Hoping: that I will not be nursing a creative block anytime soon. I am so happy that I now have a creative burst and have another four articles in line for you peeps.

Marveling: at the nice cars I am seeing on these Nairobi roads. When did people get this rich!

Smelling: Tea and chapati. No, I am not in a kibanda. No, I do not care to explain.

Wearing: a lot of jumpers, jeans and rubber shoes combo. I have found a new uniform!

Following: the International awards going on at this time. The Revenant is winning a lot of awards so I hope this is the year that Leonardo Dicaprio gets his Oscar.

Noticing: that the weather is currently PMSing

Knowing: that I am headed in the right direction now and I like this feeling

Bookmarking: a lot of natural hair tutorials and the Hollywood Reporter Roundtable. You get to learn more about the actors and the roles they took up in their films.

Opening: a lot of tabs on my computer because I choose to learn something new every day.

Giggling: at most things because I choose to be and look happy inward and outward.

Feeling: grateful for a lot of things like my 2 month old nephew, my family, my colleagues and you of course.

A piece of advice I work with everyday.
A piece of advice I work with everyday.

What say you?