Taking Stock: May 2017

Taking Stock is back!

I realized that I could custom make a taking stock post to about 10 items. So what I will do is answer what I have the answer to and just delete the rest. Is this me cutting corners? I don’t know but it feels like it.

Taking Stock is back!
Taking Stock is back!

Making: Plans and not following through because procrastination is king. I feel like procrastination is that cool kid at school that speaks a lot of nonsense but you just let them because they are the cool kid.
Cooking: noodles and spaghettis. I cooked some spaghettis this weekend and they tasted like burnt plastic porridge thing. This is a story for another day.
Drinking: Stinging nettle tea and ginger tea. Don’t ask me about the ginger tea. I don’t know of its benefits or why I find its taste interesting
Reading: Yeah! I finally finished Michael Connelly’s book Blood Work. I tried to read the Goldfinch by Donna Tart because everyone is/was reading it but my mind kept wandering off. So now I am reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. (Don’t judge me)

Khaleesi is in this book's movie adaptation
Khaleesi is in this book’s movie adaptation

Wanting: To find a job where I am paid to just be me. Yaani what I am trying to say is if I could find a job that pays me to just stay home and breathe oxygen.
Looking: For purpose hahahahaha, I joke a lot. I am looking for the hole in my MPESA account. Like where does my money go when I only spend it for bus fare!

Playing: I don’t got time for this. No, that’s not the name of the game. I just can’t find time to play with anything.
Deciding: To plan out my year so that I can get the most out of the remaining part of the year.
Wishing: that procrastination was not a friend.

Waiting: for the world to change
Liking: that I have a job that picks into my creative side
Wondering: where all these “… also have 24 hours in a day” get time? Like Beyonce, Zuckerberg, Shonda Rhimes WHERE.DO.YOU.GET.TIME?

Anyone know the PAs of these people, I need this answered
Anyone know the PAs of these people, I need this answered

Considering: starting on Youtube seriously but time is something that should be found first.
Watching: Safiya Nygaard Videos. She was one of the LADYLIKE crew on Buzzfeed but she quit in December.
Marveling: at how the rain doesn’t give a hoot if I get home drenched in Nairobi Acidic rain. Stop being inappropriate rain. Stop!
Noticing: that I get a little crazy with my ideas in terms of people appreciating them. I want people to like my ideas every single time but I think this is normal for any creative.

Knowing: that good things take time to develop and that patience is a virtue.
Thinking: I have always thought about not giving my time out to other people. That I should start off on my own. I have a lot of basics I need to cover and that’s why my time now belongs elsewhere. Starting out alone is good but having the knowledge to handle a lot of things that will come your way is better.
Admiring: Jenna Marbles. For the whole of this year she has been making videos that make her happy. I think for a huge youtube celebrity like her, she must have a lot of requests and people’s expectations for her that can wear her down. Do what makes you happy, the rest will follow.
Getting: a little sad when I remember my cat back home. Yes, I am a cat person.
Bookmarking: Pinterest blog ideas
Coveting: everyone with their ish together. I feel like my ish is all over the place. I dropped my ish to be honest.
Disliking: how a day has 24 hours. Who came up with this madness? This isn’t enough time for anything.
Opening: eyes wider at night because night blindness.
Snacking: on peanuts.

I cut it down to something shorter than it usually is. Most of what I have left out is where I would share personal experiences or goals. See my life.

I would like you to pick one aspect and write a comment with it. Like what are you guys up to?

As usual share this post with your friend. The more you share the more you stand a chance at winning a smiling friend. Got you didn’t I? Amuse me.


4 Replies to “Taking Stock: May 2017”

  1. Rachel I love your writing so if you ever wrote a book I would be the 1st to buy. I want to read ‘me before you’ I have had so much about it. I hope you will write a review though 🙂

    1. Thank you Miriam. I will sure do a review. Hope I can finish reading it fast enough though 🙂

  2. I watched the movie adaptation, which tore my heart for a day. Now I’m afraid of reading the book cause I already know what happens in the end. But I would read the sequel, After You.

    1. I have not watched the movie yet but I have the two books which I intend to read back to back.

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