Taking Stock: May

Life upon life upon life
Life Upon Life upon life
Life Upon Life upon life

I feel like my blog has become a Taking Stock gathering area. There are more taking stock posts here than anything else. My friend Ruth and my Dad are sleeping on their jobs of quarreling me when I forget to write. This is how much self-drive I have, very little.

Making: a lot of notes on the side about a lot of projects I want to do.

Cooking:  We decided I will not be answering this for a while.

Drinking: Lemon water for some reason. The reason is we have a lot of lemons at home and they need to not be here.

Reading: the same book I was reading 2 weeks ago. It is interesting but I can’t seem to find time to squeeze it in.

Wanting: to be myself (happy) again

Looking: for a blog name. I am currently at Girl Without Doubts because it is the ‘sans’ part that is the problem for you. No, I am not taking any more requests because my Graphics designer is already working on it.

Playing: Sia’s Alive, Reaper and Marina and the Diamond’s Happy in repeat. These are the only songs I want to listen to nowadays. You can also add 7 years by Lukas Graham to the list.

Deciding: to buy clothes. I have the same 5 pairs of jeans that I play randomization with to confuse my colleagues.

Wishing: that my YouTube ‘career’ will go as smoothly as a YouTube career can ever go.

Enjoying: car rides back home with the Thika Massive crew. (long story)

Waiting: for when my finances come together so I can get myself a camera. I already look like I am using a CCTV camera on my SnapChat. I need my YouTube channel to look different.

Liking: the fact that I can dream something and there will be at least 2 people backing me up and helping me fulfill the dream.

Wondering: why we struggle to fit the cultural and situational norms that we forget to be happy.

Loving: my new desk. It is still not the best but after I am done working on it, it will look like a proper workspace.

Considering: living in a forest.

Buying: a camera soon next month.

Watching: A lot of Grace Helbig videos and trying to keep up with Game of Thrones.

Hoping:  that I will continue getting inspired to write more posts. I was supposed to be writing two posts a week but that hasn’t happened. I hope to start doing that this week.

Marveling: at how fast Game of Thrones spoilers get thrown at your direction every Monday morning.

Cringing: at the sight of mud. I am behaving like a person who has never encountered mud before.

Needing: to have a getaway or a day alone or just chocolate. Chocolate would be nice.

Questioning: my priorities sometimes. No one has their priorities in order. Look at Trump running for presidency with energy he should have used somewhere else. Even Oprah is eating bread when she shouldn’t. I use a lot of time gathering these gossip which should not be a priority.

Smelling: like cold and rain and car exhaust fumes.

Wearing: heavy jumpers, sweaters, long sleeved shirts and a normal top all at once. I will joke with everything but not pneumonia.

Following: nothing.

Noticing: that I feel a lot colder than normal people.

Knowing: that Jay-Z and Beyonce carried us stupid (Walitubeba ujinga) with that Lemonade ish.

Thinking:  a lot of things about what I want to do. I keep thinking about a big project but it intimidates me a lot because of how much work has to be put in and the attention it needs. I can barely hold my blog up at the moment but I know that things will get better soon.

Admiring: a lot of people’s creative talents especially YouTubers and animators.

Sorting: my life issues … and money issues… and sleep issues … and waking up issues.

Getting: myself a cameraaaaaaaaaa!!

Bookmarking: all things camera

Coveting: people who can freeze and shine and not vibrate like a Nokia 3310.

Disliking: this weather

Opening: my eyes wider because I can’t see things. Normal things like a pothole or a puddle of water or people’s faces. I am glad that my hands remember where my mouth is.

Giggling: not much giggling is happening. Hearty laughs on the other hand keep happening.

Feeling: A little blue a lot of times.

Snacking: I am not snacking on anything

Helping:  myself with a second round of sleep in the matatus in the morning.

I know today’s post is a little sad. I have been feeling like this for a while. I hope it is a thing that passes because it is hindering me from doing a lot of stuff. For example, my humour has gone to the dogs, my bubbly self has gone to sleep and my eyes look like a panda’s eyes. I think that is the highlight of how I look. Looking like a panda is not a bad thing unless you start talking about weight.

I want to do a Q & A on the 17th of next month because that is when I started blogging seriously.  It will be like my first blogging anniversary. If you have any questions you would like me to answer you can ask me on my FaceBook Page, Twitter or in the Comments below. I will do a post on that day answering all your questions.

Ask almost anything
Ask almost anything



2 Replies to “Taking Stock: May”

  1. Hahaha a small marketing agency called Digital Rand and there is currently no vacancies. Will post in the group when there is one.

  2. Hahahaha, i love your taking stock posts. I didn’t see sadness, I saw the will to do better. Humor didn’t go anywhere…

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