Taking Stock: October

life is a mess

This is my first ever taking stock post. I was to write about the David Sheldrick Wildlife trust. I had even researched and all but then I thought that I would write a better article if I visited the place first. So when I visit, I will tell you through a blog post. This is where I feel I am at the moment.

My life is a mess
My life is a mess

Making : a lot of effort to have my hair in bouncy curls and failing excellently

Cooking : slightly burnt but edible food every supper

Drinking : a lot more water than I normally do as I heard it is good for you

Reading: I am Malala. I have been reading it for the longest time. It is a worthwhile read.

Wanting: To continue showering each one of you with fresh content regularly

Looking: For my last remaining hairpin in a set of 24

Playing: candy crush for no good reason. Currently on level 646

Deciding: on what worthwhile ventures I would like to undertake

Wishing: That I win the award come Saturday as any self-respecting nominee would be.

Enjoying: the newly found confidence I have after choosing this writing path

Waiting: to see my little brother’s sleek blazer that he has boasted about for 3 weeks

Liking: the no sun weather that has been happening since yesterday

Wondering: Why I keep forgetting every time. I have the memory of a goldfish

Loving: the current projects I am involved in. At least I have stopped hating Mondays.

Pondering: on whether it makes sense to slowly but surely lure that stray cat into our house

Considering:  adding a new section on my blog. Still deliberating on exactly what it will be.

Buying: lots of dresses that I will forget to wear because I love jeans and shorts

Watching: the new TV shows and ratchet reality television

Hoping: That everything will fall in place by end of year

Marvelling: at the love all of you have shown me by reading, commenting and sending me motivational messages

Cringing: at the sight of my broken nails every time I am done washing sufurias

Needing: to find a place of my own and doing yoga. I am all grown up and need to behave like a grown up

Questioning: My dreams. Not my dreams for the future, the dreams I had last night because they didn’t make any sense at all

Smelling: the aroma of sweet potatoes that I just had for breakfast

Wearing: clothes that make me look like a homeless person

Following: my childhood dream

Noticing: that my phone’s camera removes all blemishes

Knowing:  that I have a lot of things I have to accomplish and planning for them accordingly

Thinking: why am I writing about this

Admiring: the life of a cat. They can sleep anytime, be sassy and steal meat. That is life.

Sorting: out the clatter in my bedside cabinet. I found a test I had scored 6/15 yikes!! I graduated with a second class upper though. I am smart people!!

Getting: scared every time someone speaks when I did not expect them to. I literally jerk if you talk and I was not anticipating hearing your voice

Bookmarking: a lot of hilarious articles and meme sites

Coveting: Chantal’s (Eric Omondi’s  girlfriend)life. Did you see how she was picked up at the airport with dancers and all that shenanigans?

Disliking: the fact that I use Safaricom bundles to download my series. It is not economical at all.

Opening: too many tabs on my computer and wondering why it is slow. I did I.T, I should know better

Giggling: at everything and a statement my brother made ‘hio kio hioni’. Long story but I bought dresses yesterday and everyone wanted to see how I look in them. So I tried taking photos infront of a mirror but the quakity was not good. So I told them the mirror is not the best and they would not be able to see clearly how the dresses look like. They insisted I send and I did. Then my brother replied with that statement.

Feeling: a little guilty for acting in light skin behavior like forgetting to reply to whatsapp messages or taking too much time before I reply

Snacking: on tamu tamu snacks. I know they are meant for 3 year olds but they taste so good…

Helping: around with the chores at home and a friend set up a blog

Hearing: the sound of a cement mixer 3 houses down the street

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  1. Household gloves will help with the nail problem. It always works for me

    1. Thank you for the tip.

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