Taking Stock: March & April

What is life.
What is life.

The reason I did not make a taking stock post last month is because I slept in February and woke up in April. March did not exist. That is my final comment.

Making: faces at everything said in the office. It was funny at the beginning but now it is kinda sad because I set myself up to have an unwelcomed comment. I am learning though and snarky comments are my forte at the moment.

Cooking: I think I should stop answering this because I cook every day. Nice healthy meals… or not.

Drinking: Hibiscus tea. The lemony taste makes it a worthwhile drink. It has some health benefits too.

Reading: Blood work by Michael Connelly. He is a great author for detective literature.

Wanting: what do I want? I never know what I want but a nice camera and computer are at the top of my list.

Looking: I thought I should say something adult like purpose but that not it. My socks on the other hand are disappearing like it’s their vocation. I only have one sock, not a pair, ONE.

Playing: a song I heard on ZeeWorld called Caller Tune Baby. It’s pretty catchy and easy to dance to.

Deciding: to start a Youtube chanel soon. It might suck, it might not. All I know is that I winged it with blogging and you people like it so I might just as well. To say the truth I am actually trying to learn a lot so that I do not fully wing it.

Wishing: I could have a day I could just sleep and sleep and sleep and when I wake up I will have no more sleep. I am sleepy every second of every day. How I function so well is a miracle.

Enjoying: iiSuperwomanii YouTube videos. She has a lot of funny videos especially the ones with her ‘parents’.

Waiting: for that day I wrote about above; the Sleep Day.

Liking: this red jacket I bought two weeks back. I did not know I look this good in red. I might also be delirious.

Wondering: why is it when we apply rainbow colours on ourselves we appear more attractive than when we apply nothing. What sorcery is this?

Loving: the quality of nails I grow on my left hand. They are the same as the right hand but the right hand nails die a slow death every time I do something. Right-handed people problems.

Considering:  learning stretching moves and karate. I do not have a reason but they look like cool skills to have. Karate might help me in future, I suppose.

Buying: I am money poor once more so I am only buying myself matatu rides.

Watching: a lot of YouTube videos. I am getting to learn about other youtubers who are doing an awesome job of self-deprecation. I am all about that.

Hoping: that waking up tomorrow and the day after that, and the one after that, won’t be a struggle. I have 5 alarms and I think that is 3 too many.

Marvelling: at how disconnected I am from the android world. My blonde side shows and shines like a brilliant star every time I hold an android phone.

Cringing: at the state of my route’s matatus. I found chewed sugarcane on a seat on Monday morning. Who raised this person?

Needing: to change my playlist. When I was carefully selecting these songs with a judging panel and all, they were nice. Now, they don’t sound as good. I think I am just tired of them.

Questioning: how much water I need to drink and food I need to eat so as to grow taller by 5 inches. That would be my ideal height, not for self-esteem purposes but for practicality. I just need to reach things and things are always out of my reach.

Smelling: what the Rock is cooking.

Wearing: my red jacket… and other clothing but the red jacket is just making me proud.

Following: snapchatters. Is that what people on snapchat are called? What even is the past tense of snapchatting (is this a word?). Someone school me, please.

Noticing: that my bank account and my dreams do not align. My bank account does not want good things to happen to me.

Knowing:  that my laptop will always switch off a minute after power goes off. This is the only thing I am sure about in my life.

Thinking: my head is always full of thoughts. Are they helpful thoughts? No, but they are thoughts and that means that my brain is doing its thinking work.

Admiring:  some orange flowers growing along the fence. They tend to die quickly but are pretty before they die.

Sorting: my closet. I have a lot of clothes I do not wear but see myself wearing in the future that I will never wear. Do we understand each other or have I lost you? These clothes need to leave my closet.

Getting: prepared to change my blog name because you people can’t pronounce it. You know I love you guys but you keep messing up that name and saying something that means the exact opposite of the name. So it got to go. *sobs hysterically*

Bookmarking: social media articles

Coveting: Shonda Rhimes creativity. She is a goddess.

Disliking: waking up in the morning. Any time before 9 am is torture.

Opening: a new notebook. I bought it because it was pretty and it was pretty expensive for paper and harder paper that protects the paper inside.

Giggling: at everything. I need this.

Feeling: sleepy. Every. Damn. Time.

Snacking: on lemons. Don’t judge.

Helping: people with their fashion choices. Ok, stop laughing. I am apparently not helping anybody out. I am just doing my duties. It is a sad life.


2 Replies to “Taking Stock: March & April”

  1. I enjoy the taking stock the most….looking forward to the next one so do not sleep through the month.

    1. Hahaha I will not because I will be getting my sleep day soon.

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