Taking stock:November

This is solid advice (melsmiles.com)
This is solid advice (melsmiles.com)

For some reason I had difficulty writing this Taking Stock post. Either my life is at the same place it was last month or nothing exciting has happened this month. I might also be a little stressed and trying to work on too many things at once

Making : an effort to accept more challenges this month than sitting in a corner and thinking too much about what could go wrong

Cooking : pretty edible mashed potatoes and Kienyeji. When I say pretty edible, I mean 7 star hotel material. I might also be exaggerating

Drinking : less water than I vowed to do in my last post. Will try and take more and see if I will stop looking like a panda. I have dark circles around my eyes.

Reading: Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I am loving the first 1/36th of the book. It has some beautiful insights for bloggers and the youth in general.

The book I am currently reading
The book I am currently reading

Wanting: To be showered with presents come my birthday come Friday. That’s what I want but that’s not what will happen.

Looking: for a pet to keep and not tell my mother

Playing: Hello by Adele every chance I get and also the album Chaos and the calm by James Bay.

Deciding: to take up more challenges and put myself out there more

Wishing: That I was a less shy and clumsy

Enjoying: the serenity of my neighbourhood now that the loud neighbours moved

Waiting: to turn 23 and see what my 23rd year on earth has in store for me

Liking: the new advice I have been getting from other people about how to go about blogging and social media

Wondering: why Adele keeps winning

Loving: My new Bata Ngomas, they are comfy and just fit me perfectly. Please do not judge

Considering:  travelling more and seeing our beautiful Kenya

Buying: Nothing because I am what you would call ‘money poor’

Watching: The fashion bloggers on E! No, I am not a fashion blogger but they have a lot of insights on travel, fashion, beauty, blogging and social media

Hoping: Still hoping that everything will fall in place by end of year

Marvelling: How much time I take procrastinating and being left with the option of working at 3am because I squandered all my daytime doing a lot of nothing.

Cringing: at the amount of mud present between our house and the bus stage

Needing: to start eating healthy and stop with this chips and eggs nonsense. My cheeks are bouncing at a very alarming rate and they make my face look funny when I walk.

Questioning: Why 15 year olds in Kenya seem to be having more fun me.

Smelling: wet soil. Some people love it but it just cuts off my air supply. I hate it!!

Wearing: very tight jeans because I have added like 2 kilograms or more.

Following: Nobody because I am my own boss and I don’t need anybody else. This is a lie; I am following a lot of people on social media. In real life, I just follow a wild cat that comes home regularly. I want to see where it calls ‘home’

Noticing: That my hair needs a lot of attention or scissors. I will try attention this time. I did the scissors thing on December 2013 and 2014 was not a good year hair-wise.

Knowing:  That I will need to cut the number of TV shows I watch so that I can do some more productive things

Thinking: why did I have a dream about me walking from Wajir to Machakos. If you know why I would have such a dream, leave a comment.

Admiring:  the beauty that Kenya has to offer. I have been looking up places to visit when I come across money and Kenya is beautiful, really beautiful.

Sorting: out my timetable so that I can do all I need to do workwise when there is still light outside.

Getting: anxious about my little brother’s future. I want him to succeed more than the rest of us

Bookmarking: a lot of blogs and silly YouTube channels. You can share what blogs you read and youtube channels you follow on the comment section below.

Coveting: how graciously people walk in heels. I wish I could do so but I have me some Bata Ngomas that keep me comfortable.

Disliking: the fact that my little brother has gone back to school and now all the house chores are mine. How long does it take before someone dies of fatigue?

Opening: the fridge door too many times and coming up with the same conclusion, there is no ready to eat meal in that fridge and I refuse to cook.

Giggling: at everything, literally everything. Yesterday someone on the news said that he was hit on the neck with a hammer by some hooligans and I laughed. Why would someone hit another person with a hammer on the neck? I am sorry for laughing at this

Feeling: a little heavy. Like I said above I need to lose 2kg to 10kgs or even more.

Snacking: on lemons and salt. I am behaving like a pregnant woman with weird cravings

Helping: Nobody at the moment. It’s so sad.

Yes it is!! (quotesgram.com)
Yes it is!! (quotesgram.com)


7 Replies to “Taking stock:November”

  1. If only there was a like button on blogs .
    We shall try make your wish of getting showered with gifts come to life , if we don’t succeed we love you still, no ?

    1. No, I need showering with gift. It’s a need, not a want

      1. Hahaha okay we shall huff and puff ..

  2. Hehe. About the walking dream, it maybe an epiphany from the Akamba ancestors you should do long distance trading. You’ll cut the 2 kgs and change ur “money broke” status. That’s a double win.

    About blogs to follow. Be my guest https://insightsmutuku.wordpress.com

  3. Rachel very nice…I love your blogs. I will join you in the Wajir-Machakos walk when you get the reason and make the dream come true…

  4. I find taking stock is most tiring exercise these days – there is so much to do – and where does one begin? I think you’ve done it quite well here. To fulfill life’s dreams there are some basic requirements that nearly everyone should try to meet; read more, work/study harder and try to travel as much as possible.

    Having good friends and a caring family are crucial and if you are lucky enough to have a pet – well you’ll be well on your way. 🙂

    Happy belated birthday and nice writing.

    1. Thank you.
      It can be tiring because it needs for someone to think about a lot of things and make it different from the previous posts done

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