The effect of one story.

I was watching a TED talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie about how we tend to have a narrow representation of various countries and cultures. For example when one thinks of the USA they think of new opportunities or the place where their dreams come true. This is really nice for them but I have watched criminal minds and I am a little skeptical of leaving my beautiful country to go to a country with some very weird characters. Yeah you are right; each country has its own share of weird characters but watch criminal minds and see what I am talking about. When one thinks of Africa they think about poverty, malaria and war. Africa is a continent not a country for those of you out there who are pleasantly arrogant about geography. We have countries that are doing so well in Africa take South Africa for example. Malaria will always be there, we are in a tropical region for crying out loud. What really bothers me the most is when I am there watching a series I have been watching for four or five seasons and I hear an agent mention Nairobi, Kenya. I am ecstatic until I listen to the sentence carefully and they are like “Fidel Ambrossio was last seen in Nairobi and we think he might have taken his drug smuggling there”. What? If you are going to mention my country would you mind mentioning it in some good light? I know we have some weird politicians for lack of a better word. Yes, it bothers us to. Yes, we are trying to stop this nonsense.
It’s my country, it might also be true but we have one of the largest airports in the region why don’t you say that and leave out the crime you want my country to carry with it. Nairobi is a beautiful city and Kenya is a very beautiful country. We have many things to offer not only malaria. Actually we don’t offer malaria mosquitoes do.
Why don’t we try telling both sides of the story. We have very poor leaders but we have a super highway. We may have malaria but do you know we also have the big five? There is a high chance of you being robbed at night but our city looks very nice with the lighting at night. You might be pick-pocketed but we also have very good Olympic athletes. With that being said know that for every country, culture, religion there is always a bad side but if we let that be what we focus on we will definitely make those people believe they should be like that. There is no use of putting people in a box when there is a maisonette you can put them in if you told their story differently. You tell a story too much and the people start believing it. I think that is why we hold foreigners and whites with very high regards because we think they got their shit together. They don’t, it’s just that they don’t put it out for other people to see as often as we do.
I really wanted this to be funny but this is a very serious topic. Also if you know or are the people killing our elephants shame on you and you are very sorry examples for human beings. No, I will not apologize. Hands off our elephants!

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  1. This is true. Western Media media always portrays African countries as poor, helpless and corrupt yet the some of these problems are also experienced in their countries. Truth is that there is always a good and bad part of any society including theirs and so its sad that they are always focusing on our bad and yet there are so many good things about our continent

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