The lens through which I see the world

My Prized possession
My Beloved Camera

Hey there buddy,

I know it has been a long time since we hang out together. I have always had excuses as to why we can’t hang out. I am sorry for all the excuses because I know for a fact that I am BSing you. I have no qualified reasons as to why I can’t have you by my side every waking hour of every day.

I love that since you came home I have had a moment of seeing the world differently through your lens. How I got you was a whole adventure by itself. The lies I told, my god, I am ashamed. But that made us get this moment. Everyone who called themselves family had to support my hobby and they reached into their pockets and made my dream come alive.

How does someone know that what they are holding in their hands will one day turn out to be the reason they smile. How do you know? I have held you and taken care of you for about one year and yes, I realise I am holding onto greatness but I am not sure how to go about it.

Remember the video we made together of me doing the Q and A session. We took our time and provided the people with a video they enjoyed. After that we did one more video and I put you in the drawer to only fish you out during family events. I am not sure where in Nairobi I can use you without the fear of someone making away with you. I love you that much. I don’t want you to have a new owner, I just can’t handle that.

To more of this nonsense

It is not a crime for us to be seen together. At least that’s what our governor is working towards. So before that declaration is made and I am free to walk around parliament road or Haille Sellassie avenue taking in the details of our beautiful Nairobi, I want to make my own declaration.

I, Rachael Wambua, 70th of her name, procrastinator of the realm and mother of none, I declare to find time every weekend to hang out. This hanging out will be in the mode of you taking videos of me as I do things that will make my popularity level take a nose dive. This is not to say that I am popular because we both know that I am not. This is why it is paramount for us to stick together.

This will not be a take take relationship, it will be a symbiotic relationship where you help me create a path for my career and I buy you knew lenses and equipment to help you top this world. I have a feeling that this will be a perfect match that will see both of us grow eventually.

Is this a date or what? Every Saturday, as long as the sun is up, we’ll have our alone time. Deal? Deal.

To this and more fun memories


Today’s topic for the #30daychallenge was ‘What’s our most prized possession?” I started with the material and then I will go to the immaterial which I will post after the challenge is over and link with this one.

What say you?