The life of a blogger

This is a nice computer. My computer is not nice.
This is a nice computer. My computer is not nice. This is not my computer and neither are those hands.

When I was going home on Monday I thought of a genius idea that had the potential of being a post. I woke up with the zeal and creativity of actualizing that genius idea. My computer then woke up and decided to have a go slow. Picture this: opening your laptop, it takes a whole 5 minutes. No biggie because you are in the kitchen pouring yourself a cup of coffee. Coffee isn’t good for you by the way. I just drink it because it is supposed to reboot your sleeping brain but that never happens. Come back sit down, open Google chrome, on one tab open Facebook, on the other open Twitter. They should open right? WRONG!!! That was how my morning started. Writing a sentence took a whole 30 seconds before you see your sentence on the screen. That is why I didn’t write yesterday.

After 10+ hours of scanning for viruses, my laptop works OK. It still sounds like a posho mill but that sound stopped bothering me sometime in 2013. Mind over matter guys, mind over matter. So the genius idea was to show you how prestigious a bloggers life is. The bed of roses, enough sleep, no stress et al.

Our brains work all the time

We never stop thinking. Our brains are usually on overdrive. Everything we see has the potential of being a subject of a blog post. Nothing is off limits and we tend to think about each and everything we see and the probability of it making a VVIP appearance on our online Real Estate. As long as our eyes are open, we are voluntarily thinking. When they are closed we are involuntarily thinking and that is what we call dreams. Also sometimes sleep is a non-issue because you have deadlines to meet. When I use the word promise I have to actually fulfill that promise. That is why that word is said like three times in a year.

We can’t think of anything

There are those days that your brain can think of a new colour and then there are those days when your brain can’t think of any word that is more than 3 letters long. These are what we call our best days. Who wouldn’t want to go back to the toddler days when you had your mother think for you? Precious days.

Our friends and family are always suspicious

Every time you write a story and you mention anyone or any scenario, your friends and or family will call you or have an intervention where you say why you are talking about them. You probably made that story up but their suspicions would not make you succeed in this thing called writing-my-life-down-no-matter-how-uninteresting-it-is.

Social media is overwhelming

You know that inspirational quote by a 5 foot 1 (arguably), with great hair and chubby cheeks called Rachael that says “If something overwhelms you, lie down, ignore it and that is one day of overwhelming conquered.” We should do that but our lives are on social media. Social media sites are cropping up faster than lions walk around town. For bloggers we should be on almost every social media for some reason. The only social media sites I know how to use are Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Everything else, I just chant that quote and live my life. We get ideas here so we can’t just ignore it, unfortunately. I will get the hang of snapchat in the near future, not tomorrow though.

We don’t always send out the first draft

Writing is easy, compared to flying to the moon or parallel parking. Words come to us easily, arranging those words into sentences and paragraphs that flow nicely, is another story. We write, we have a folder called ‘blog drafts’ or ‘rubbish we intend to use later’. These flawless posts or posts with 3% typos are usually reviewed more than thrice so that we can send them out. We care for you and that is why we do not want you to learn bad English from us. That you can do at your own time with ratchet television shows.

That’s a snippet of our lives. It is filled with glamour and everything nice. We love it …. when the servers are up and our computers are running, ideas are flowing, everyone is understanding, someone is rubbing your feet etc. We can also take any two with the servers up being a constant. This life is good, better than good.

Comment and share with friends, I hear it is a nice thing to do.

Photo Credit: Sally Mugure

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  1. It is truly an easy glamorous life. I would know -_-

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