The Walking Dead: Who did Negan Kill?

Lucille the vicious pulp maker
Lucille the vicious pulp maker (

I am in pain. Are you in pain? Yesterday was a workday and I was up until 1 am because I wanted to watch The Walking Dead lest I clicked on another spoiler. So my priorities were a little skewed hence me being awake at 1 am. The Walking Dead is giving me a lot of stress. It tends to do this during the finale. They bring all the drama and kill or make us believe that they killed or do something that just infuriates the fans. It would have had less suspense if they followed the comics. Why does no one follow the comics?

So the reason I am ranting is because someone died yesterday and I do not know who that is. The story creator, Gimple, said that the person who died is a fan favorite. So please indulge me and sit in a circle because I am heading this group discussion.

What we know is that the character was in the van riddled with bullet holes. They were captured before the other group left to take Maggie to the hilltop. They are Rosita, Glenn, Daryl and Michonne. Another thing the story creator said is this little scene will bring about a lot of chaos in season 7. So let us dissect this situation and try to see who this might be among the four.


She can kick ass through (
She can kick ass through (

We barely know her so her demise wouldn’t necessarily bring in chaos. It will not affect anyone much because the person she was so close to became interested in someone else. Also, her group was not that closely knit so no much chaos. She also looked like she was going for a photo-shoot in the first two episodes after it returned from the mid-season break. You should look like you are in an apocalypse not all miss world and stuff. What the hell Rosita?


Glenn was saved in the mid season finale to kill him now? Don't think so (
Glenn was saved in the mid season finale to kill him now? Don’t think so (

We cannot just think he was dead in the mid-season finale to have him die in the finale. Why save him at all then? Also, in the comic books he dies this exact way. Not exact but yes, this is the time he dies so they have not followed the comic book all through to come follow it now. So no, it isn’t Glenn. Remember that we have been seeing this person’s point of view for the better part of the episode and it can’t be Glenn because he was in the back of the van and that is not the angle we enjoyed the POV from.


Daryl and that bow! (
Daryl and that bow! (

Daryl dear, no one wants you dead. You clearly come first in the order of fan favorite among the four. What saves you is that the point of view cannot be yours. This is because we can see you in the person’s POV when you are coming out of the van. When we come to the chaos you would cause, it would be a sufficient amount of chaos because Carol. But she ran away and Morgan is out there looking for her and taking care of her. She has practically given up but she will rise like a phoenix or so we hope. But she is strong although fragile looking and that is why we all love her.


Michonne and her Katana
Michonne and her Katana (

Oh My God! Michonne is/might be dead. I know it’s hard to read this but I will take you slowly through how I came to this conclusion. When the van is opened for them to come out, we can clearly see that we are still at her POV and we can see Daryl’s hair. Who comes out after Daryl, *drumroll*, Michonne. The other thing is when they were in the pee pee circle everyone else got pointed at with Lucille from our point of view except Michonne. For her every time we are shown she either comes after Lucille is pointed at someone but never when it is pointed at her. This is because we need to see it from her POV. There would be a lot of chaos if she dies because she slept with Rick. Rick has love feelings and he becomes irrational when he has this kind of feelings. Now, kill his lover and tell me how much chaos would erupt. I also don’t want to think about it. So this will bring an unlikely unbalance that would see Alexandria almost collapse. But I hope it still stands.

If you have watched the walking dead you know that Michonne is braver than some men in the show. She was introduced us in a style that made us uncomfortable and think that she came from lucifer’s mansion. Who walks around with two walkers tied to her? She does. She had made them harmless and this kind of protected her from the other walkers because they could barely smell her.

Her weapon of choice was a Katana. And she knows how to work this long blade.  She just oozes badassery. A swish here and a swish there and 7 walkers are dead. She can hold her own this one. So when Negan says, “Taking it like a champ” some of you pictured a male figure but back to the point above, Michonne is braver than half the men on the show. She can take it like a champ.

Psychotic Negan
Psychotic Negan (

I sure hope I am wrong because I love her so much and this is not GAME OF THRONES. There is where people are killed aimlessly, for no reason, with no plan, at a weird time in the season. We have 7 months to come to terms with this but I surely hope that I am wrong and it is someone like Eugene. I do not care for Eugene at all.

Who do you think was beaten to a pulp?

What say you?