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Sleepy Hollow is a scary place (image courtesy of

A promise must be kept. I promised you something on sleepy hollow. I like sci – fi a lot and by a lot I mean more than Nairobi rains. Sleepy hollow is one of those series that I refresh the Page until it’s posted. What does it revolve around you ask? Oh well let me be your guide human. It is a story between a 200 year old human being who comes to a small town. Please those thinking about Damon now should stop because I’m not talking about the vampire diaries. Don’t you think I would have known?? He is not a vampire. Thank God!! The Lord know there’s too much of those on telly and none of them comes close to vampire diaries. I digress. How is he 200 years old then? His wife is a witch. Yeah, it had to be witchcraft so she buried, conserved him in his state and he got to resurrect and here he is. They had a child those many years back but he didn’t know and the child had taken to the dark side. Something hilarious the child is older than the parents now. Witchcraft can go a long way in making you look young. Leave the river road creams to the masters and join the people of sleepy hollow.

Ichabod's witchy wife played by Katia Winters (image courtesy of
Ichabod’s witchy wife played by Katia Winters (image courtesy of

The main characters are Tom Mison aka eye candy aka human carefully created aka man of my dreams, literally, I dreamt about him for a few days. Sometimes him chasing me with a knife, sometimes passing him in the streets on New York. Nicole Beharie or as I call her my vertically challenged sister from another mother, dental formula and smile of my dream is the other main character. Yeah, my dental formula went to the proverbial dogs. They are a very good team. The chemistry is impeccable and they are hilarious together even in Paley fest. The hilarity of the series comes in when Tom Mison ‘s character Ichabod Crane (such an old name) keeps correcting Abbie, Nicole Beharie’ s character when she points out historic facts. Apparently most of the history books be lying according to the movie. On the bright side you get to learn more about American history. No knowledge is useless. Abbie then shows him around and tries to tutor him on matters technology. A phone vibrated once and he nearly died of horror.

Jenny Mills with hair of a goddess (Image courtesy of
Jenny Mills with hair of a goddess (Image courtesy of

Other cast members, Abbie has a sister played by Lyndie Greenwood who’s love interest is a weird human Nick Hawley played by Matt Barr. She herself has very nice hair. Hair goals in the afterlife. The headless horseman played by various people. He literally has no head and he is the reason most of my friends refuse to watch the series. Ichabods wife Katherine is played by Katia Winters. Why are Katherines witchy and vampiry in most shows? Henry is played by John Noble you remember him as the crazy scientist in fringe. Abbie’s friend, Captain Frank Irving who is the chef in the sheriff’s department he did not trust abbie and ichabod at first but later came to trust them. Their shipper name is ICHABBIE. How cute!!

It is a very nice series in my opinion although the second season struggled a little but hey its not cancelled.

here they are in all their glory out of character (image courtesy of
here they are in all their glory out of character (image courtesy of

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  1. Weh, you’ve given me hope sasa hata naeza endelea. Had stopped watching but it’s a good series

    1. It is a very good series. I really like the banter and Ichabod’s facial expressions are the best

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