Till It Happens to You

they need to be heard and have a support system (www.scoopnest.com)
They need to be heard and have a support system (www.scoopnest.com)

Lady Gaga released a song ‘Till it happens to you’ in September about sexual assault. It was released for the 2015 documentary film ‘hunting ground’ that deals with campus rape. It also doubles up as a public service announcement for campus rape. Gaga herself has been a victim of rape as she admitted in an interview to being raped by a music producer when she was only 19 years old. She tweeted that she would be working with Diane Warren and shared her hopes for the video release. She portrayed three scenarios that are so familiar to the college students.

  1. Close friend

It show that a person you confide with, laugh with, play with can sometimes turn on you. The video depicts best of friends when the boy who looks like a sweet and good friend turns on the girl and rapes her.

  1. Hate crime

This one is shown in the bathroom setting where a girl is trying to wrap herself so she looks more like the boys. A boy comes in and rapes her and this show that some of the rape ordeals are because people do not conform to the way you live your life or they might be against people of your kind.

  1. Date rape

University students like to have a good time. There is a party happening and these two girls have their drinks spiked as they were dancing. The boy then takes them to a room and goes on to rape the both of them. The second girl is able to over empower the rapist and goes ahead to help out her passed out friend. This is the most graphic part of the video as it shows the vulnerability of the situation.

When they lack self-worth and self esteem (blog.opovo.com.br)
When they lack self-worth and self esteem (blog.opovo.com.br)

The song encourages people to speak up about such ordeals. The four girls are seen to be very quiet and antisocial after the rape and they do not want to talk about it. They keep the anger bottled inside and this makes them think of themselves as worthless and their self-esteem is at an all-time low. When they start to speak up to their friends they are now empowered and they are seen to walk with their heads held high. They love themselves and they become a support system for each other.

When they speak up and have the right support circle (www.aceshowbiz.com)
When they speak up and have the right support circle (www.aceshowbiz.com)

The song urges the community to support the victims and listen to them and not stigmatize them. We have to be a support system for them and not just tell them that it will get better and they will be fine as most of the time they will not feel this way.


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  1. Great article. I particularly like how you expounded on the 3-pronged scenarios that result to rape. And Yes, more support is all rape victims need.

    1. Yes, they need support and not to be blamed. Thanks

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