Wentworth, My new Orange is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black vs Wentworth
Orange Is the New Black vs Wentworth
Orange Is the New Black vs Wentworth

Wentworth, Wentworth, Wentworth, my darling. As I was writing that, I just realized that 2016 is almost over and prison break is almost here. I just squealed. Sometimes as you are scrolling down the list of all TV series ever made because your couch potatoness is on fleek, you come across some gems. Wentworth is one of those gems. I binge watched the entire series in less than two weeks. I am now waiting in agony for season 5.

Wentworth is the Australian equivalent of Orange is the new black. No, I lied, it is not the equivalent, it is the superior of the two and by far for that matter. It started like any other Australian TV show where people have a strong accent. I almost enabled subtitles but after a few episodes I was right there with them. This is the same reason I never watched neighbors. I couldn’t understand them. This, this right here is worth it.

This show has its fair share of strong characters. Pamela Rabe is one of the strongest/best characters I have seen in a television show this year. This woman acted a villain so well that I had to watch YouTube videos of her during interviews so I can despise her less as a person. You know an actor is good when they act as a villain you hate their guts and when they act as a good person, you don’t believe anything negative in the tabloids about them. Nicole da Silva and Danielle Cormack are other strong characters.

Do not mess with this woman
Do not mess with this woman


They both have an inmate who goes by the name red, mainly because they have red/maroon hair and when they speak, people listen. The difference is Wentworth’s red played by Danielle Cormack has more power in Wentworth than red has in Litchfield Penitentiary. OITNB’s red will just make sure you can’t eat and even if you eat you won’t enjoy it. Wentworth’s red will kick your teeth in, burn your hands, make sure you can’t sleep or eat and when you do any of this without her say, your life in Wentworth is basically over.

Wentworth's Red and Litchfield's Red
Wentworth’s Red and Litchfield’s Red

Both have a transgender character. In OITNB we have the lovely Laverne Cox and in Wentworth we have Socratis Otto who plays a transgender character although he is a man in real life. He understands the plight of trans people and goes on to show this through the character he plays.


Wentworth is a maximum security prison while Litchfield is a minimum security prison. The irony is Wentworth has more freedom and facilities compared to Litchfield. It is like comparing Kamiti to prisons in the Netherlands. In Wentworth, every cell has a TV and they do not have a dorm room kind of arrangement like some parts of Litchfield. They have a lounging area just outside their cells where they can make their own tea, catch up or just lay on the couches.

The prison attires are also a bit different. In OITNB they have orange attire, hence the name. In Wentworth they have teal uniforms. Do not call them green, they are not green they are TEAL.

Wentworth is less crude. Everyone seems to have their brains where they are supposed to be. Let us agree that OITNB can sometimes be a little crude/crass/ every other word that means making people disgusted/uncomfortable.

Wentworth has been led by all-female governors since the beginning of the series. Litchfield has only had male governors who become very susceptible to manipulation. In Wentworth you leave because of politics, death or politics or crime related politics. Basically politics will be the end of you.

Top dog

How do you know who is top dog? In Litchfield, you run the kitchen but the wardens will be on your case almost always. In Wentworth you have the steam press. I will attach a photo so you see how it looks like. Wardens are normally not on the top dog’s case especially when it comes to Bea (Wentworth’s red).

Bea Smith and the steam press
Bea Smith and the steam press

I recommend this show. I have never recommended any other show with so much pressure as I have this one. If I have met you and haven’t mentioned this I am sorry but be rest assured when we meet again I will mention it until you are sick of it.

BINGE WATCH IT! BINGE WATCH IT! BINGE WATCH IT! As I write this I have a placard that I will march around the house with.

What say you?