You asked, I answered.

Them questions were answered
Them questions were answered

I am very impressed with the people on my Facebook profile but disappointed with the people on my Facebook page. What this tells you is that my friends want to know more about me/ embarrass me and people who are not my friends do not care about participating in something this big. Yes, me answering questions from anyone is an achievement. I don’t like questions. So I asked you guys to ask questions and sadly most of you were fixated on my dating life. It is sad because I have a sad dating life.

Getting on with the questions…..

  1. How tall are you? (no one really asked me this)

I am 5 foot 1 when you round off. I am exactly 156cm. I am the shortest person in the office and the 2nd shortest person at home.

  1. Where do you work?

I work at a dope place called Digital Rand, it is a Digital marketing firm and my job is social media marketing. I am basically paid to have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram opened all day long.

  1. When am I getting married?

The person who asked me this isn’t even married so I take offence. I will get married in a few years. Few can be 5 years or even 20 years who knows.

  1. Am I proud of the woman I have become?

Why, thank you for calling me a woman. It makes me feel all grown up and well put together. I am proud of the strides I have taken as far as life is concerned. I am still not where I want to be but I am happy with the progress I am making. I really surprise myself sometimes when I can talk to people without thinking that I might say something stupid because I realized that I say stupid things all the time.

I am also happy that I can dream of something and not give myself excuses as to why I can’t follow through with it like I used to do before. Yes, I am proud of the woman I have become.

  1. Dating life (this did not even have the decency to have a question mark)

I do not have a dating life. I am alone but with an unhealthy relationship with chips. I have never found someone who I could date without pulling my hair out. I have had crushes before because I am a human being not a tree but I have never acted on them because I have crushes on the dumbest people (except once) on the planet for a reason. I think this is the universe telling me to just be by myself and not try to procreate.

I am also incapable of meeting anyone anywhere during the weekends and that is what I think the person I am dating would want; for me to meet them somewhere outside the confines of my house instead of watching something interesting on television. I think I am the problem here.

  1. How do I maintain my natural hair?

I am lazy and so I do not want to do much in order to look good. So I went and bought a hair brush, Hair ties, bobby pin, castor oil and coconut oil. I took a bottle that contained black silk leave in conditioner and put water, castor oil and coconut oil inside. Every morning I wake up and spray a little of this concoction on my hair, brush it with a hair brush and hold it up in a puff. I wash my hair every weekend and also that is when I comb it strand by strand. It takes me 3 hours to comb and the whole day to dry after washing.

  1. What inspires me?

I’ll have to admit that this is a hard question. I am inspired by the different bloggers I met at Coke Studio Africa and the projects and recognition they are getting from people who love their work. I am also inspired by the fact that I can write something random on here and have someone tell me that it made their day. I would have gone the extra mile of maybe writing about technology or something else but I chose this because it gives me a platform to make people forget about their problems even if it is for 2 minutes.

  1. List of blogs that inspire me or rather that give me a different perspective.

I read any content that I find interesting online but I do not have blogs that I read for inspiration because I am a copy cat. If I find your writing inspiring, I will start writing like you. For inspiration I go to YouTube where all stupid people are stationed and from there I get like an angle about something I thought so trivial that I can turn into a post. On that space anything goes and I would love to have that kind of anything-goes-attitude on here.

I read these ones mostly : Acidpen, bikozulu, AbbyHasIssues

  1.  What is your workflow process when you are coming up with a post?

When I know that I need to have a post-up next week, I take my matatu rides back home as a time to think about what I can write about. You tend to see interesting things if you watch closely enough. I then write what the first paragraph would look like and what other points would make the post whole. I then take a day and then come back to the draft and try making the post whole and see if I can expound on the points without being repetitive and boring. Many posts have died because they were not the right length, or they were just a hustle to make interesting or lacked enough points.

  1. I love the name GirlWithoutDoubts, how did you come up with it?

I was first obsessed with the word ‘sans’, the French word for without, and wanted to put it somewhere so the rest of the words came around it. And the whole word seems to make sense with where I was and was heading. I changed it to Girl without doubts because people did not understand what ‘sans’ meant. The meaning is still the same. (I think I need to make a video on this)

  1. Does it pay?

For some people it does, for me it still doesn’t but I got the job I have now from it and the previous two engagements I had were also because of this.

  1. Where does your humour come from?

It comes from not having any filters between my brain and mouth. I also tend to connect dots on a lot of things that do not seem related. I could find a relationship between a cow and my spectacles easily if I tried.

  1. Am I getting a cat

Maybe after I move out. My mum is not a fan of cats anymore.

  1. Am I a tea or a coffee person?

I am a coffee person if it has an obscene amount of milk. I find tea boring and would prefer cocoa with milk.

  1. Why don’t you wear your fro out?

Because I have a lot of hair and having my hair in a fro will obscure the line of sight of people within 5 meters of me. I also don’t trust it to remain neat all day because I touch my hair every chance I get.

  1. How do you see your life

I cannot complain. I have most things aligning themselves really nicely. I am learning video editing and I find it very interesting. I am getting my camera tomorrow and I will be a one stop shop for my entire blogging and YouTube career. I could be less tired but that is the only complaint I have.

Thank you for indulging me .I will make a video explaining these things in details and putting in the necessary facial expressions where needed.



What say you?